Vijay Sales – Kitchen Studioz

Vijay Sales has launched their brand-new Kitchen Studioz at Prabhadevi, Mumbai.
The showroom is set up on a spacious floor with all the concepts you can imagine for your kitchen to look elegant, classy and luxurious. Vijay Sales has got some great brands and styles of kitchen appliances under one roof.

The range of built in HOBs, Refrigerators, Ovens, Dishwasher etc is really impressive. The hobs have a built-in detector for the safety of the person in the kitchen and cuts off gas supply if there is no flame on the HOB. The American standard kitchen – with it’s modernist and minimal design, is something I was always fond of. They do have Chimneys for Island Kitchen which was very sleek and easy to clean. There were some copper chimneys that caught my attention as it gave such a rustic look to the kitchen. Those countertops and the inbuilt light made the cooking area look more lively and decorative.

Almost all would have a microwave oven at home, and we all mostly use if for heating food but here at Vijay Sales their new range of Microwave is all purpose. It even works for Dosa and Pizza! These features are something that caught my eye and I am sure you would love it too.

The Kitchen Studioz does fill a gap in the Indian market for the need of specialised and customisable kitchens with all the appliances you can dream of. They have introduced true modern modular kitchens to us.

My dream kitchen has to be sophisticated. All the appliances have to be unique, just like the ones I saw there and was entranced by. The shades of white add softness, warmth and aesthetic to their effortlessly elegant kitchen. It enhances and brightens up your space keeping it stylish for decades.

It was a great experience and lovely exposure to such great event. The detailed explanation of the appliances by Hafale’s official in-house Chef was an awesome experience. This makes your dream kitchen a notch better and amazing with their help.

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