My Dad Is My Role Model.. 

On November 7, 2017 he was reborn as a father to this Little Boy Veer. He could not believe it. We did know we would become a parent I could feel this LO growing inside me, but for daddy-to-be it only sinked in when he saw Veer in the OT. It was nothing short of a miracle for him. On the very first night, Veer was hungry and had to be fed, we called up the nurse to help me feed him. After that daddy dear held Veer in his arms and he slept on his chest the whole night. He took a paternity leave for both of us and in the coming weeks also Veer used to sleep on him. Veer was never fond of crib. Our little clingy monkey ❤️ and Nimesh loved it so much, the feeling that his whole world just fits in his arms. My husband has taken the responsibility so well from changing the diaper to making him sleep. We are #equalparent to our baby. He is so protective about Veer I can be relaxed to leave Veer with him and he handles him with so much love and care. He promised himself , like everyone does, that Veer will always get the best of him. #babychakradad



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