Healofy Proud Daughter

My mom have always been my support system through out and infact even now.
I have always been my mumma’s girl and I thank you @healofyapp for giving me this opportunity to thank my Mom.
Today whatever I am its all because if her. So want to write a lovely poem for her.
I’m happy that she’s my mom,
She’ll stand with me when there’s storm
She have always been the best
She cheers me up, and makes me rest.
You are the sunshine in my day,
You are the tree to give shade all way
You are the words in all my talk
You are my love, my Mom.
You are my shadow when I’m in doubt
You are beside me when I’m lout,
You’ll travel the road with me to the end.
You’ll always be my Best Friend!
Your hands held me when the tears would fall
and you dressed me, like a doll.
You are the guide for all my day,
You are the moon I see everyday.
Your hands would shape and mould me
in all that you knew I could be.
Whenever I fell, you’ve pampered me
Your hands are the reason “I AM ME”.
Further tagging @mom_munchkin @nikky_blogdiaries @surbhi.dhall share the beautiful story of you and your mother
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