Rediscover Your Identity

We all want to be a supermom but that can be so much exhausting sometimes. In this process of over achieving we loose our identity.

Recently I have started going for events and meetings and I have seen my maid having too much curiosity as to where am I going or what I wear leaving my son at home. She does discuss this in the other house she works but now I really don’t care, because of peer pressure like what would my neighbor think or what the society will think I was loosing on my identity.

Motherhood is not an easy task it comes with so much of never ending list of responsibilities from making your baby sleep to changing diaper and feeding your baby to playing with them the entire day. Motherhood changes our personality as we get tired with our little ones. It just zaps away our energy.

Sometimes all we want is to hit the pillow as it takes away all our mental and physical strength to be on toes with our little energy ball.

Rediscover who you were before kids. Go and do things like pampering yourself, shopping, travelling, fine dines or some me time to get yourselves relaxed and energised. Connect with your husband and don’t discuss your baby’s schedule rather talk about things that refreshes you, go out to places you went before baby rather than just sticking to some play area..

Let your kids explore the world with you. Don’t compare your new life to the old one, as motherhood has made you more stronger and wiser.
Motherhood limits your freedom despite of all this let motherhood not rob your identity of who you were.

Let the Cape of super mom vanish and be true to your motherhood and be yourself.

Do comment in your views about being a super mom and keeping upto your identity.

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