What is good and bad touch?

Many of us are fortunate enough to not have experienced the sexual abuse as a child. However, when we were kids it was not common as much as it has become now.
So whether you are a mother to a boy or girl we need to educate our child about a good and a bad touch. It’s a very difficult topic of appropriate and inappropriate touch, but being open and kind will help you get to know if something is wrong that’s going on with them.
Without unnecessary fearing them I believe roll playing the situation would help them understand better and they should say a NO to such action and also let his or her parents know about the situation. Teaching them about such thing is important for their own safety.
Notice your child’s behaviour even though you are one of those busy moms don’t rely completely on their nanny.
✅ What is SAFE or GOOD Touch?
Safe and appropriate touch make you feel protected, nice and caring. It includes hugging, pat on your back or shoulder. Show them real life situations and explain when the parents hug or kiss their child that’s a warm and caring feeling. Tell them that their bodies have different levels of security, that is being patted on the head or back is acceptable.

✅ What is UNSAFE or BAD Touch?

Touches by anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable is a bad touch
Tell them that their bodies have different levels of security which should not be crossed by strangers or any other family member, being touched in the private regions such as the chest, buttocks and genitals is unacceptable and if such things happen they should report to their parents.
Do your kids know the difference between good and bad touch? Mommies share tips and views on educating your kids about this.

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