Kids Pool Party – Tic Tac Toe Juhu

Beaches are perfect to beat the heat but the temperatures these days are getting so worse that beaches are really a bad option.

Today we had been to the indoor pool party by @tictactoe_juhu and it was really fun to see Veer happy seeing others play in the pool, my boy didn’t like those rose petals as they were sticking to his body. I have videos that captured he was busy removing them that stuck him.
However the indoor play area was where he enjoyed the most and aeroplane ✈ being his favourite there was a motorised Aerotoy which he sat for most of his time. They also have a mini train for kids which we didn’t explore this time but we are visiting again soon for that.
@tictactoe_juhu is such a beautiful and engaging place for kids. In the open play area they had some sittings for kids where they could scribble or color with crayons provided.
The ball pool area for toddler had reasoning toys which is helpful for developing their both gross motor and fine moter skills and many more to mention. It’s a must visit place mommies!
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