Why To Introduce Swimming At Early Age

Swimming has become very essential now a days as we have pool parties these days so there would be no such emergencies. However, parents are sometimes scared to introduce their child in water so early. And my suggestions to them is be with your child when they swim don’t leave them alone with the trainer.
Babies can start to swim as early as 4 weeks where the temperature of the water should be 32 degree. But my personal opinion is atleast let your baby be 6 months old if you are very keen, or when they are toddler we can get them to start swimming. Playing in the water is the best way to beat the heat.

Here are some Benefits of early swimming:-

🏊 The early they start babies can swim under water and also helps in creating billions of neurons as your baby glides through the water.

🏊Bilateral cross patterning helps in the brain development as they use both sides of their body to carry the action to swim.

🏊Swimming at the early age can reduce the chance of drowning

🏊It helps in build muscles like they need to hold their head up arms and legs moving and the coordination with the rest of the body.

🏊Most importantly it improves their sleep time as pool time takes most of their energy.

🏊For mommies who are worried with their little fussy eaters. Switching improves the appetite too. Swimming takes up lot of their energy leaving them hungry.

🏊It also helps in getting along with group of people. Then the confidence feeling with water and the fun of learning a new skills.

Swim time with our Baby’s bring us more closer and leave the present moment. And help them learn the importance of a new life skills from drowning.

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