The Good Leaf – Benefit of Moringa

The Good leaf is a series of 100% Natural high quality moringa products sourced directly from organic farms.
@thegoodleaf_in provides the most nutritious and tasty Moringa available in an attractive range of products, rich in vitamins, calcium, iron and anti-oxidants.
🔴Benefits of Moringa

There is not one but many amazing health benefits that vouch for why you Moringa is convincingly your daily dose of wellness. Here are a few to enlighten you.
✅Reduces inflammations.
✅Useful for treating gastrointestinal problems
✅Good For Pregnant Women And Lactating Mothers
✅Controls skin wrinkles and fine lines.
✅Stimulates hair growth.
✅Promotes weight loss in a natural way
✅Reduces cholesterol, acne and blackheads.

Beat Carotene found in Moringa protects skin effectively against the damaging effects of the sun.
Moringa rice mix is a quintessential accompaniment to any Indian meal that can give your food a lovely and a flavorful spice punch.
Moringa Chutney Powder is a delicious condiment that can be mixed with ghee or coconut oil to make idlis, dosas and rotis even more enjoyable.
Moringa Tea – Tulsi Ginger flavoured from THE GOOD LEAF is a healthy option for those who need a hot and steamy cup of goodness in the morning
➡️Moringa Pods Powder
Moringa Pods powder is a rich source of Vitamin C and boosts immunity instantly.
➡️Moringa Powder
The leaves of Moringa itself is so healthy. Moringa are rich in the fibers that reduces fat absorption.
By hand-garnering only the young, fresh Moringa leaves and pods, we ensure that our Moringa powder is more nutrient-dense and at the same time way less bitter than the anything else available in the market.
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