How Effective is Flashcards for Babies

Babies have the ability to learn and grasp things effortlessly. And introducing flashcard at the earliest like 4 months can do wonders. The neurons in the brain grows most when they are baby and the brain wants more new information everyday.
Flashcard learning has always been a playful way I introduce Veer to words, images and many concepts.
I had created flashcards for my baby when I was expecting him. But after he was born I just dint have time to all this creativity. That’s when @little_champ777 introduced me to appealing flashcard that helped me changed our learning style it was so much fun.

Advantage of using flashcards:-

💁‍♀️They are portable
Flashcard can be carried anywhere when you are travelling and less heavy in comparison to that of those board books.

💁‍♀️Flashcard makes it easy to learn the concept
It eases up the learning procedure rather than reading so much of information. It is helpful in improving the visual memory of the child in an easy manner.

💁‍♀️The fast speed of flashing sends strong vibrations to the brain. This also help your baby’s brain to develop better and faster.

The flashcards from @little_champ777 (Instagram) is making a number of improvement in the knowledge-ability in Veer. He is just 18 months old and you can see the wonders.

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