The Journey of Blogging

Let me share to you guys how my journey to blogging started and how I got myself here.

I started blogging when I got a little bored with my job in 2014 so that’s when I started writing short stories some happy, some sad, romantic, thriller, horror etc.

It was on and off I use to pen down with no aim of generating revenue or becoming famous it was like my hobby to write. Some blogs had many shares on Facebook and that gave me an inspiration to write more and more. Then I got suggestions as well to publish my ebooks but I never thought my write ups were upto that level so never went upto that level. But when I was moved into social media marketing, that was when I started to take my blog more seriously. I did the optimizations for my clients accounts and thought why not I as well get all my accounts optimized and got my LinkedIn, Twitter all upto the mark. Doesn’t that sounds strange as why did another job commitment make me want to commit to my blog?

This was because I was learning so much about marketing and the online world of social media, it was opening my eyes up to everything. Everything I could be putting into my social channels and blog.


Time passed by I conceived and I left job for my little one. So my blogging on wordpress got left out, because of pregnancy. I delivered a healthy baby boy I again started to write for him again my pregnancy journey, his monthly milestones etc. When he was about to be a year old I started with Cuddles and Chuckles in October 2018 and that’s the vital part of my blogging. Katerina @oneupbaby was of a great help to me in making mommies know my new venture. That’s when I thought now I need to do something and I knew I would learn and pick up many things along the way. The milestone board helped me a lot to get exposure. I did know what I had to bring to the table to start with my Instagram blogging, but couldn’t understand how to go about it where to start from how to get people following me. That’s when Akansha @mummyandrayaan was an angel to me and I started from there to take blogging seriously.

I continued to put out content and put as much time into it as I could. Honestly there is no better moto in life than what you put in is what you get out! It’s so so true as I would of never grown or moved forward if I wasn’t driving myself to keep doing more.

I did started to work with brands after a certain time but in between it was like a rat race who can get how many brands that when one day I sat down to understand why I’m here for after listening to Saru’s story @diapers_and_lipsticks I need to share content as “Content is the King” then my life became easy and simple on Instagram.


If you guys have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I am always happy to share my tips and advice.

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