Not A Perfect Mom

Motherhood is bliss however the most free feeling of it is reaching to the realization point that no matter how hard you try, regardless of what you do or don’t do – you will never be a perfect mother. I may not be a perfect mom to Veer but I give in my 100% every single day. .

I don’t try as well to be prefect as that becomes really very exhausting but yes sometimes I do get paranoid about him eating 4 meals a day and I force him which is wrong or right on my part Im really not aware of.


I many a times loose my patience and temper on Veer, but later the guilty feeling that he is just 17 months and I have to be calm with him. .

And for being perfect we try really, really hard to do our best.

More important fact than being a perfect mother is our intentions to be the BEST mom that we can be in each and every moment. Some days, our best and some will be worthless too.


Our kids don’t want perfect mom they really don’t even know what is perfection, rather a more understanding mom is what they expect.


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