Beautiful journey of life towards Motherhood

Pregnancy is a unique and life-changing journey. It brings along immense joy and excitement to meet our creation. It is the beginning of a beautiful journey. One of the happiest moment of my life was when I got the confirmation of my pregnancy. .

Proper diet and nutrition is of utmost importance for a would-be mother. This is necessary for the proper development of the fetus. I took all the supplements and added vitamins religiously.


The first trimester was a mixed bag- with the euphoria of knowing that i will soon be a mom, more over, extreme tiredness, mood swings, heartburn, completely altered my behavior. I disliked the smell of some perfume and flour (atta).

The second trimester was easier than the first one. Was eagerly waiting to feel my baby’s movement his kicks and stretches. The beautiful thought of my baby growing inside my me made me accept the changes of my body wholeheartedly. .

Soon the day arrived when my darling angel son was placed in my arms and I proudly wore the crown of motherhood.


Its been 13 years since I know my husband @nikeindevil and a 12 years of courtship including marriage we complete today and nothing seems to change except for this new addition to our family. Our world VEER.



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