No is Not Another Word For Yes

One sleepless baby album won’t drive mamma crazy…

Somewhere in between love, madness and exhaustion lies ‘Motherhood’. Sure this is a reward to be a mother but it is not always the Gala moment.


Isn’t that we stop our kid from doing some mischief? Yes, we do but they don’t tend to listen, this is what most parents would say. But, No is Not Another Word For Yes you should get this clear to your child this is how you can inculcate good manners in them.


If you have a toddler and still young to understand give them some rewards like you get those star stickers bring that or if they have a habit of putting everything in mouth you can make a star with pen. This way you can try to calm them down if your baby is too mischievous.


Recently I have bought a sipper for Veer so most of the time after drinking wanter he spills the water drops over him puts the nipple inside and that’s when I had to set the boundaries for him no means no he cried a lot for the sipper but I didn’t give him and this way the discipline gets in him teaching them boundaries.


But again you shouldn’t be saying a No for each and everything then it makes them stubborn. We can be assertive to them like Veer is up till 2 am making me read all his books. Instead of saying “No, it’s bed time”, I make him understand after a good night sleep, we can read as many books as you want when you wake up, but right now were done with reading and the books are sleepy to,”and of course you need to follow through with your promises if you child remembers it.


I hope you liked my post. Your thoughts and comments are most welcome how you handle your baby for “No” is not another word for “Yes”.

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