You’re Turning A Year!

You’re my cutest little one year old,

Like a shinning star the one in Vogue.

You are my obsession from the day I saw you,

And our fondness for you have always grown.

You’re the box of chocolates my little bub,

Sweeter than the sweetest little cub.

You’re that colorful rainbow in my heart,

Just like those yummy cream on tart.

You have made some special ties with my heart,

Just like a miracle and a new start.

Those unstoppable giggles and heart melting smile,

You made me a super mom in no time.

You will always be my latest craze,

Your charm will always leave me amazed.

You’re full of grace and poise,

My tiny tot is cuter than anyother boys.

When you tug your little fingers in my hair and laugh,

I know the mischief you want to do my little calf.

It is hard to believe how time has flown,

That small little baby how quick you’ve grown.

From rolling to sitting and a cute little crawl,

With those late night cries, to play with the ball.

You started with the tipsy-topsy walk before you turned one

With time you have conquered it all.

Lets blow the candle and we wish all your dreams come true.

And you get richer with all the amazing thing that you will do!


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