Miracle Do Happen

It was a Monday morning i had to leave for my work at 9. My daily routine is to get up early and go for gym till then my wife and mother use to make my lunch and keep it ready. My wife Susan was on sabbatical leave due to a miscarriage 2 months ago, and the bad news was she couldn’t conceives without further treatment so her IVF treatment was on.
But that morning I overslept on my alarm as we had celebration on Sunday night, it was my fathers birthday. I woke up my wife and was getting ready for work, as I was late to go for gym. Susan went to kitchen and she saw mom had also not come. She went to check on her and mom was not feeling well and was sweating. Susan asked her, “Mom you are looking pale, should I call a doctor?” Mom denied. Susan insisted and rushed to me and knocked on the bathroom door, “John mom is not keeping well.” I couldn’t make-out what she was saying as the shower was running so while coming out in hurry I slipped, but I was OK. I and Susan went to mom, dad had woken up and was by her side and she said to dad that her left side back was aching so just to give her a massage. Seeing me she said, “son you please don’t go to work today”. I told her, “mom already we were on vacation from 10 days and today if I don’t go i’ll be fired… I laughed.” Susan carried on with her work, after assuring herself that all was fine while I was besides mom. I felt some pain in my back, it must be due to the fall. Mom saw something was wrong with me and immediately said, “Did u fall in the bathroom?” I was like wow great how did she know that. Mom didn’t reply to question but she was stubborn again for me not to go to work. She said I don’t know, just don’t go to work. But she did not say anything else. I told her OK fine that I would not go and told her to rest. But then I left for work without informing her and told Susan if there’s anything urgent then call me. I got in my car and covered about 1 km and the car broke down. So I had to leave the car there and called the mechanic. And took a cab from there and after covering 2 km the fuel was over. So I was annoyed at the driver saying why didn’t he check all these things before taking any passenger. He said, “Sir it was full today morning, I feel the fuel leaked. I was angry and i just left looking for some other way to reach work. The thought just came in my mind why did mom stopped me from going out today, and I am facing one or the other hurdle to reach. But then finally I took a tube and was in office half an hour late. As soon as I entered office there were gun shots and the bullet went through touching my arms and other went through my head, I fell down and could faintly hear there is a terror attack in the office building. And everything was blackout. I woke up in a hospital bed my parents and wife were there right in front of me. But tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was all quiet. I tried to lift my hand up to tell her mom I’ll be alright soon. But I couldn’t lift my hand, I tried hard and couldn’t feel anything. I tried this with the other hand but same, i was broken as to what was wrong with me. When i called, “Susan” my words were not clear my tongue was twisting. I was under trauma what happened to me, is it what I am thinking. I was paralyzed from neck down. My whole world crashed around me
I was crying and all broken thinking why didn’t I listen to mom.
Looking at my condition Susan was crying loud, dad was still in shock. As mom had told him why was she stopping me from going. Mom cried and said , “George see I told you there is something called as Dejavu, you didn’t believe me then.” That’s the time when I and Susan understood why was mom stopping me. But she did know if she had told me this I wouldn’t have listened to her thinking all this is not true. I was more sorry for this condition of mine as I was the only one currently earning for my family. I was taken back home and my organization helped the employees who were victims to the terror attack. I was recovering and after 20 days I got news from my wife that she has conceived. My happiness knew no bounds. In this grief i found some joy, but was unable to express it to anyone. Susan was not happy. The thought of me laying in the bed helpless was making her more sad. She could not cherish the moment.
Doctors said they couldn’t say when i’ll be normal as I was hit on head. There was hardly any sign of improvement it was 6 months already. My wife was carrying a girl. This time mom had another Dejavu, she said my wife Susan to take care of the baby and take complete rest, as she was conceiving on critical condition. This time she told us what she had seen. Susan will have really hard time in pregnancy and it will be difficult for the baby to survive, but if the the baby survives it would be a miracle and ill start to recover and respond to the treatments. Now we didn’t take her words as a joke. Susan was extra cautious with her every step she took. Yes she did have problems like high blood pressure and was admitted to hospital several times. The baby girl was weak inside. Susan was strong as ever to make it a a success. Cause if the baby survived she would get her husband back. Under very difficult circumstances she delivered the baby. She was God sent angel for my mother as she was confident ill be fine and responsive soon. Miracles are still there I started showing positive signs of recovery. My mother named her Angel and she brought back my life to me. She is 2 years now and I am having fun with my family in Disneyland, Paris. Not only did I make a complete recovery, but my crooked finger disappeared as well I was all like before a normal human being.
“Miracles can happen anywhere, all you need is belief.”


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