Walk Under Stars and Moon

About two years ago Rudi lived at New York in Times Square. He had always been a night person, so he would often find myself bored with his roommate, who was not a night person and never liked Rudi as he was drug addict, and to avoid Rudi his roommate use to go off to sleep. To sniff on drugs, he used to go for long walks and spend his half night on the streets. There he happens to meet Gloria and fell in love with him and promises her that he would stop all this activity with her help.

Then they get married and move to Belgium so that she could take Rudi away from all his drug addict friends. It was been 1 year to their marriage things were tough as Rudi got very violent when he wanted to sniff, Gloria managed as much as she could. He was hospitalised as well and was on his death bed. Gloria got him back.

It was Friday and Tom was going to come over to Rudi’s place and Saturday early morning they were going to leave for Amsterdam. But due to some work Rudi left work by 11 pm. When he was driving back home his car broke down on an empty street and his phones battery was low and while dialling Tom for help it got switched off. He was scared of getting mobbed.

He walked through the dark road looking for help, and suddenly he saw a light coming towards him. There was a cool breeze and the light of the moon over the river which was splendid! Rudi finds it to be soothing and in a span of seconds he saw the light close to him. Rudi’s blood ran cold and his heart missed a beat. He thought he was hallucinating and then he rubs his eyes for a second and there was no one. Then he was again on his journey and was taking the name of the lord, suddenly he sees his own shadow and he gets scared. He thought why did his own shadow look demonic. And like a twirl in the air there was a beautiful lady in front of him with a lantern in her hand. He was frightened to see her but then she convinced him that even she got stuck here. Gloria gave Rudi her phone to call his friend. Rudi didn’t realize that, Tom’s no was already saved in her phone.

Waiting for Tom, Rudi and Gloria both sat on a bench near the river. Everything around Rudi had a shadow, but he couldn’t see Gloria’s shadow. Rudi found things spooky there, but it seemed like someone had caught him tight and he couldn’t escape. He convinces Gloria for a walk, that was his biggest mistake and the road now takes him to a haunted house. The pleasant night begins to shed tears and it pours furiously. He saw many people around him and no one had umbrella but they weren’t getting wet too. He could hear the sky screaming his name and saying now it’s your Time. His knees were weak wanted to plead Gloria for his life, and there he saw a rope. Gloria said now very soon this will kiss your collarbone. He wished a miracle could happen he didn’t want to die, he imagined all his family weeping and dressed in black. There were no rays of hope to rescue himself. He didn’t want to be the star shinning in the sky, and his family would watch him there every night. Every step he took it was taking him to the dark tunnel of fear. The clouds covered the full moon and it was pitch black. He cried and told Gloria to leave him. He shouted loud, Please Please Please! Tom wakes up and asks him if he was fine, gave him a glass of water, Rudi was covered in sweat and frightened even to close his eyes again. It was just a horrifying dream, Tom exclaimed!

Next day morning they leave for Amsterdam and on their way, Tom asked Rudi about his wife Gloria, who loved Rudi terribly. He said she was doing fine and has been to her mothers’ place and nothing more. They had reached their hotel and relaxed in the pool that same day. At night around 9 Rudi went down for a smoke. When he was standing downstairs, all the street lights go off and it was dark again. Only he could see a small lit cigarette. He runs to reach his hotel and he always ended up being in the same place on the middle of the road, it starts to rain heavily with thunderstorm and he couldn’t ask for Toms’ help this time as he didn’t carry his phone. Rudi couldn’t see anything clearly due to rains, only a figure crouching around him, and a cab driver suddenly appears in front and tells him to sit in the cab. He denies, and didn’t wanted another nightmare. The driver then insisted him to come and sit as he could notice that Rudi was trying to avoid bumping into the people on an empty street. Rudi was shocked how did the driver say the road was empty so many people were around him. Rudi cried out loud and said Let me go! Tom got up and consoled Rudi and thought how could Gloria leave him and go to her mother, leaving him in such a condition. He has not recovered completely off drugs. Two days everything went well, Rudi forgot about the things that lurked there in his dream.

After their trip, Rudi went missing, Tom didn’t have Gloria’s no too, as Rudi never liked sharing his wife’s or friends no with either of them. He goes to the Church where they got married and got the address of Gloria’s house asking for Rudi, and the world turned upside down for him. He was sorry to hear that Gloria was been murdered brutally by Rudi. He went home and after seven days there was a news that Rudi was found dead on the Pine trees that was across his apartment. His body was all ripped and scratched, his face was crushed and was beyond recognition. It was said that he was been mauled by some kind of Animal.

But Tom did know what was it. He was been murdered by Gloria, and that he dreamt off always. There was no one who could help them. It was the matter of time……

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