Money – Ladder of Happiness?

Pauline was a young teenage girl who was very happy in her life in whatever she had, never expecting more. She had a down to earth nature in spite of her beautiful looks. A pretty girl who every girl would envy, those beautiful green eyes with eye-lashes curling up, tall and slender body with silky golden-brown hair and a milky baby skin.

She was studying in London, and once all her friends think of going for vacation to LA. Pauline invites her friends to come over to her house in LA. It was on Saturday afternoon and Pauline had almost reached her house and was walking down the lane of Bronson Avenue, Barbara was a very simple girl and she just exclaimed, “look at that mansion I wish we could stay there it would have been heaven” and then Pauline enters the same gate and all her friends were astonished. A gardener in white crisp uniform was watering the plant, and in the lawn, they saw a handsome man of fifty’s’ in white polo t-shirt with his huge built biceps and blue denim, sitting with a lady and there was a cigar in his hand and the Bulgari Magsonic watch which was shining in the rays of the sun. They saw the lady from behind in black dress. They were all wondering where had Pauline taken them. Pauline approached him, Bard voiced the feeling of happiness, what a surprise it was to see her darling daughter after a year. He hugged her tight and introduced her to the lady sitting in front of him. Emma was a reporter from a news channel who wanted to schedule a live stream interview on Television.

Her friends were all astonished as to who was Pauline, where did she belong from and many more questions. Pauline then introduces her friends to her father and then they proceeded. There was one beautiful lady who was coming towards them with a chic blue dress her hair all tied up and that emerald ring that shinned on her finger. She introduces her friends to Kate her mother. And one of her friends said. “now I know where is Pauline’s beauty all from!” Kate smiled and said, “My pleasure dear”.

Pauline takes them to her room which had a wood-panelled library and swimming pool to it. Suzie happens to ask her about her father. Seeing the luxury, it seemed like they had come to a resort. Pauline said, “we are nothing great he’s just a self-made man into financial sector”. She never did any boosting and just laughed and said there is no other way to describe it. It’s a lottery. Saying nothing much, Pauline was enjoying in the pool, few were sitting in the terrace garden right in front of the pool.

The next morning, they decide to explore the city and beach. They reached a pier, the climate was lovely seemed like the sky was like a curtain of linen, the sound of the waves was mesmerising with those little ripples, water was sparling like blue sapphire. The seagulls were flying overhead, few were busy making a sand castle, all her friends were enjoying. There was a group of people playing volleyball and Barbara joins them Pauline was gazing at those waves quietly, it soothed her to get away from the hurly-burly and stresses of life, and Sammy happens to ask her, that she seemed to be low. Insisting her to open up, and there was tears in her eyes which was about to drip and with a husky voice she said, “I lost my twin sister Josselyn last year in a car crash, she was my life to me”. With the pain crucifying her, she said could money bring back her sister? Seeing the status her friends felt she’s in the ladder of happiness, but what was the devastating sadness in her life nothing could fill that.  Can these material things give her a hug from Joselyn? She was left all alone after Josselyn’s gone. Her parents never had time for both of them, they were busy growing an empire for these two beauties. They were successful in that, but can her baby sister be back.

Pauline described to Sammy, it was a stormy afternoon when both the sisters were getting back home and that’s when a huge truck ramped onto their side. Their car rolled over many times, breaking the glass aerating the safety bag and Pauline was out from the car window, only a little scratch on her knees and elbow was fractured and Jossy’s head banged many times and there was a pool of blood. Pauline managed to call 911 and they were rushed to the hospital. She called up my parents, but Brad just left a message saying he was in board meeting and her mother Kate didn’t reply to her. She had messaged them too that they met with an accident and rushed to the hospital. They came after their meeting was over and it was too late. Josselyn left me for heavenly abode and tears rolled down her eyes her cheeks and nose were red and with a grief in her heart she was living. Her parent were sad about what happened, but Pauline felt money was more important for them and not life. But she unaware of one fact which she would have known the same night the same night. She had come home after a year of her sister’s death and Pauline’s father call her and give her letter which was written by her dad but words were from her mother. It was written how their parent were broken and had a downfall in business and her mother was not mentally stable, she left them the very next day, so was not aware for their condition. Pauline was very sorry for thinking wrong about her parents.

All her friends were sorry listening about her sister.  And now they did know money can improve one’s status and quality of life. But ultimately it is not the source of happiness. Pauline’s ladder of happiness was Josselyn and money was a blessing of hard work her parents did. Her only wish today was Take her back to Josselyn!

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