The Most Precious Gift

Once upon a time there was a family who was very happy staying in Florida, the only problem they faced was the man of the family was slightly arrogant. They sacrificed on many wants, he always saved everything for future. It was a Sunday morning when Marley was reading a novel in his gallery with a cup of tea. It was very breezy so few pages dragged from his hand. He was strict man of 30’s with a hefty body and tall height. Sipping his tea, he could see his wife Annie and daughter Tiara coming in their yellow swimsuit in between the trunk of the tree and behind them was blue water sparkling like diamond.

When they reached the house the two seated themselves with a fatigue and Tiara leaning over her mothers back. Water was dripping from Tiara’s golden hair and her chubby cheeks were all red due to the heat and those big blue eyes looked drowsy. Marley exclaimed, “What a foolishness it is to bathe in such an hour in the heat, my baby is exhausted”. Annie looked at Tiara and she had those dimple smile on her face touching her ear. Annie held her slender toned hand to her husband drawing up her swimsuit overcoat sleeves. Looking at that Marley remembered the earing of Tiara that she had given before going to the beach. He took it out from his t-shirt pocket and placed it in her hands. She then tucked the earing to Tiara’s ears. Then they both smiled at each other and got up to freshen up. Marley said, “Tiara are you still upset with me about the last night”. She said, “off course no daddy”. And walked inside.

Marley was little upset to shout at her, as she wasted the entire golden wrapping paper covering a gift box. His strict personality made her daughter very low sometime. But Annie always made up for her daughter, when Marley shouted at Tiara for no reason. Marley was half way through his novel and it was already 12 PM, keeping the book separator he stretched and yawned. Then goes for lunch, on the passage area he saw Tiara on phone and it was no other but her elder sister Kiara who was planning to come home for Christmas vacation. It snowed a lot in Philadelphia during Winters and Florida is a place too party always. Seeing her daddy, she passes on the phone to him and very excitingly says, “It’s Kiara”. Then goes to the table as lunch was already served. The bright colored salad was steamy, while waiting for the food to cool down her hands rolled over the linen place mats and napkins, waiting for both her parent to join her. The tantalizing aroma of steak was mouthwatering. Finally, the family sits at the table together…

Marley decides to surprise her daughter and wanted to make up for last night, and there was something special waiting for Tiara in the freezer. When served in plate Annie exclaimed, “daddy has bought something for you”. With the glitter in her eyes she shouted with joy, “lemon gelato!” It was an amazing Sunday lunch and after that Tiara hugged her daddy tight and said sorry and with her eyes looking downwards she said there was a gift for Marley which she would give in Christmas. Marley was embarrassed as he overreacted. Money wasn’t tight but his behavior was rude without knowing the matter he had an attitude to react to situations. One fine morning in December when Tiara was out from her bed, it was no other than Kiara standing right in front of her. They both hugged each other tight and Kiara said I missed you so much, and nothing better than spending a Christmas holiday with my dear ones.

A few days later Christmas had arrived and Kiara had bought gift for all. Tiara now picks up the red box with white ribbon on it, with her little hands and gives to her daddy. He smiles at her and opens the box. And he finds there was nothing inside. He voiced the feeling of disgust what was her daughter up to. Marley was angry about it thinking she wasted the paper and there is nothing in it. So, he told Tiara that there should be gift inside the box and she should not give an empty box like this. Her eyes were full of tears that were rolling down her pink cheeks, her voice chokes and with heavy heart she said, “Daddy the box is not empty it is full of kisses and love. Marley’s heart melts and he breaks down, and Tiara explained why she had given box full of kiss as Marley was sure to send her to boarding school. He was all day busy with his stock markets and only Sundays they would see daddy at home. So, every night he could steal one kiss from the box Tiara thought.

Marley then holds her for long and asks for forgiveness. Love is the most precious gift one can give. For Tiaras’ daddy the box was empty, but for her it was loaded with love, emotions and kisses. Love is magical and holds the highest potential for self-enlightenment.

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