Childhood Sweetheart

I and Betty are best friends just like our parents. My mom happens to meet Betty’s mom when she was pregnant with me and even Debra aunty was pregnant. They both were friends from their high school days. Then after marriage both parted to other cities, though they were still friends, in mid they had lost contact and happened to meet each other as a neighbor. Both their happiness was spell bound. They delivered too in the same month it was me and Betty. We both grew up together we had many play dates. Betty asked if I would marry her since childhood. And our parents use to laugh at it, we both didn’t know what marriage is then, and I use to tell her yes. Our schooling was together and childhood was really fun so many outings together.

Once we had been to theme park one day for picnic in Parc Merveilleux, there was a large playground and many theme structures to play around, A little water park and the Luxair Airplane was our favorite. We were having so much fun and suddenly Betty fell down and hurt herself. She was crying a lot her those green eyes were filled with tears. And I was sad about it so mom said, “Aww Adam baby why are you low Betty will be fine in sometime”. Then both out fathers bought us Candy Bars. The day was well spent we had fun reaching home too as daddy took a long drive. I had a baby sister, Becky. I and Betty were so funny that we use to make Becky our baby when we use to play with her.

We were in 9th grade and we realized that we have really started growing feelings for each other. And our relationship started, though we didn’t inform our parents about it. Betty came home many times to bond with Becky but we ended up talking to each other the whole night. One day my baby sis happened to ask Betty about our relation, Betty said, “I am lucky to have you and Adam as my childhood friend whom I have always remain close to”. As Becky was small, Betty handled very well describing our relation to her. I was lucky enough to have my childhood friend as the love of my life. We shared countless hours talking to each other, we did know the dynamics of both our families. We both were 25 years and decide to talk to our parent about our relation.

They were very happy for us and we decide to get married. Becky felt us as her role model. By god’s grace we both had such an understanding relation that we never argued much. Friendship with childhood friends comes with a fierce sense of loyalty. Becky always wanted a relation like ours. The little firecracker grew up to be a very beautiful lady. On November, 15 1991 we vowed each other and our married life started. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” It was 6 months to our marriage and I had to go for a business trip for 2 months.

I remember the time when Betty was upset about it, but never wanted to get it portrayed to me, thinking I couldn’t have concentrated in my work. But she forgot we are childhood sweethearts and I know Betty very well. The best moment for her was when she was at work one day and received a beautiful flower bouquet with a message on it there are 12 roses here. She counted it was only 11, then again, she saw a small message stating Betty is the 12th rose. And a message saying “My love for you will last until the day the last rose is always happy and smiling.” Betty called me and said, “God is so good! I never would have imagined this!” … we spoke for some more time and then carried on. We had twin babies both the parents were happy playing whole day with the kids and having fun they were also growing up. Some bad days we had when we lost our parents with age. It’s been 27 years to our marriage now with 25 years old kids. On our wedding anniversary our children gave us a honeymoon for Caribbean Island. Life has always been always good to us. We are thankful to god for this.

I and Betty would always tell you for a successful marriage it is very important to listen to each other. Take care of their problems and be concern with their concern. Then you can be happier. This brings you close to each other and your husband or wife would be the first person in your life ever to call when there is an issue. There will be no hidden secrets to be worried off, when you are married you commit to devoting your life to that person and even when the times are tough and difficult to handle. Respect, care, love and value your partner, treat them how you would want to be treated yourself.” You will go strong like us.


  1. A beautiful, romantic and cute story affirming the faith in love, unblemished by challenges in life. Banashree! I was sucked into the story right from the word go and transporting me back to the good old age romance buried in the past.

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