Was It Just A Dream?

It was a gloomy morning, clouds were gathering by, and soft wind was blowing which was making the climate pleasant as well. It seemed like it was going to rain which I never liked. My mother told me, “Linda why you look so dull? Let’s go out you would feel better. As you were home from past 10day because of your health. I’ll drive you darling.” I felt happy about it. Suddenly the phone rang.  She had to rush to her work as there were some files that had to be sent to the client. I felt low hearing that she had to leave and would be back in 2 hours. Mum promised me before leaving that she would take me for a movie. I was waiting for her to go and come fast.

From my bedroom window I saw her rushing out and all of a sudden, she just vanished I thought it was my hallucination as I had not recovered completely. Meanwhile I called up Clara my classmate, to know what all I had missed upon in these few days. Spoke to her for quite some time and then the rain poured so heavy that it was all dark out. I told Clara to hold the phone so I could just run and close the window. My hands got wet while pulling the window pane and some how managed to close the window as the breeze were so heavy. I saw Clara running on the road but my vision was blur due to rains hitting the window. My thoughts got interrupted seeing Clara there, I got scared as to what was wrong with me. Sometime ago mum vanished from my sight, and now Clara running on the road how is that possible when she is with me on call. Then I received my handset and Clara was on the phone, but I got so disturbed so I told her I would call her later. I wanted to take my medicine and sleep till the time mum would come home. But the water bottle was empty, so I went down the staircase to the kitchen to take a glass of water, it was all dark when I switched on the light I saw a shadow there, but no one was there I got scared and my throat was all dried up and I could hear my own heartbeat. When I was drinking water, I could hear faint sound of footsteps.

I asked loud, “who’s there?”. But no one replied. I stayed in the kitchen for sometime without moving anywhere my legs were severing. I wondered was it a robber or something else. I was waiting for mum so desperately and my father was out for a business trip. I thought to call up my mother and describe what was going on here and suddenly the phone rang. I was running upstairs to receive the call and my leg slipped seemed like someone had pulled me, and I fell on my face and my nose started bleeding. But I somehow managed to get up and go when I said, “Hello……,” no one was speaking from the other side, while there was someone whispering hush… in my ears. I couldn’t dare to look who was besides me, just my eyes moved and the drop of my sweat on my eyebrows which was about to drip, my nose was bleeding bad. And in a flash of second, I could hear my mom calling out to me from downstairs, “Linda, get ready I’m home we are going for a movie”. My voice was all choked of fear I didn’t have the strength to acknowledge her back. The door of my room was half closed and I could hear my cat snowy scratching at the door. I was all covered in Sweat. I was expecting my mum to come up to me. But she didn’t, and there was a scary voice saying, “I have sent your mum to office, there will be no work today, yet she will be stuck in something. I dared to look behind and there was no one.

I shouted out loud, “Who are you what do you want?” And the voice said. “This is my house leave it and go, or else I’ll not leave you”. I understood now there was a monster and the house is haunted. So, I decide to talk to my mum once she would be back. And when I went downstairs I saw my mum was already home, hearing me getting down the stairs she said, “Dear I don’t know how did I get a call to rush to work all the work was already done”. I knew the matter, when she looked at me I just ran to her and hugged her tight. Looking at my condition she was scared, as my nose was swollen and it was bleeding. My mum said, “Linda what happened to you, how did you fall? I just asked her “why didn’t she come up when you were back home?” On that she replied, “that I had left a message on the table downstairs saying not to disturb me”. I was hell of scared as I didn’t leave such message for her. My mum was getting my wound cleaned and then I told her I slipped from the stairs. She told me to take care from next time. I started weeping aloud so my mum asked as to what happened? I told her everything but she thought it was my hallucination and told me to take rest. Days passed by and the monster scared me every day, my parents did fit camera’s in the room but they could see nothing.

My mental health was deteriorating, both my parent took medical help but nothing changed things were getting worse so they decide to leave the house, but the day prior it was horrible and mum and dad both felt the house was haunted but it was too late. The demon had hanged me upside down from the ceiling and the furniture’s were thrown on me from all sides my parents were helpless. The demon had held my parent to a chair. I was been banged on the floor several times and by this my brain was hurt I had all bruises over me. Sadly, I was in coma for two years. The healing was slow, they left the house, but my condition was not improving. Slowly, I recovered I wish this was just a dream, but unfortunately no. It’s been six years to this incident with me. I’m happily married now with a one-year old baby. Smith is really a very caring husband and Ben is a lovely child.

“What I’ve learned is one spooky experience does not mean a lifetime of haunting”. Never did our family ever experienced this after we left the house. My parents still feel guilty as they never trusted me. But I would not blame them they did everything they could but the monster was never captured in the camera. Now as well I’m scared of darkness, but my treatment is still on. All my family member are always around me for support….

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