Let Love Grow

Greg was falling in love with Gina from the day one he saw her in the University campus he thought to find that girl after his first day gets over. He went and sat in his classroom in the last seat thinking about the same girl and got lost in her thoughts. Suddenly before the professor would enter the class Greg saw this girl entering and he thought it was a hallucination, but it wasn’t so she was going to be his classmate that made his heart skip beats.

Slowly days start to pass and Greg found out some way to communicate with her. The girl got a hint of his liking towards her. So, their interaction increased, and they used to go home together as well. Finally, Greg decides to propose her, and he had an intuition that the answer was going to be yes.

One day he calls her after they both reached their respective home. Gina had butterflies in her stomach seeing his call as she too was expecting him to propose her. They spoke about the University curriculum; their likes and dislikes and it was almost an hour Gina was getting restless to hear that he loved her. However, Greg was sure she would say yes, still he was hesitant and scared, as he never wanted to hear a no from her. So, with a breathless voice Gina said, “Greg I want to ask you something?… she paused. Greg said, “yes sure?” Gina didn’t know how to start about it. She said, “Greg I’m falling for you, are you too?” saying so she kept the phone her heart raised high. He called up again. The ringtone was giving her chills and she was all sweaty as to how did I say so, what will he think of me. Then she received his call and she was all quite and Greg softly said, “Gina, I love you too….” And their beautiful journey started of hanging out together all the time in the University and on their way home. It was been almost three years to their relationship.

Both of them decide to tell their parents about it after their final semester. Things were all going well, but Greg was little different from the way he was with Gina. They had arguments as well but again patch up by the end of the day. He started giving her less time, so taking it positively she thought as the exams were nearing he might be busy with his assignments and studies. However, Gina completed everything on time so she decides to help him complete his assignments. Gina tells him that they could both sit in the library and get it completed but Greg didn’t agree to that saying that I can’t concentrate here. I’ll go home and get it done by myself.

Now it was the day of submission and Greg’s’ file were all incomplete so Gina said, “Hey how are your assignments still incomplete you never spoke to me saying you were busy completing. What is it?” Greg got mad at Gina and said, “Grrr…. Will you stop being my professor.” At the heat of the moment Gina thought to keep quite as her friends were all around as well. Gina stared to doubt Greg as to what could the scenario be.

Meanwhile she overheard her friends talking about some past relation of Greg. She approaches them and pleads them to tell her the matter was it a double dating thing that was on or was she becoming over possessive about him. Erica says, “Gina I wanted to tell you something from past one week about something but seeing you depressed I couldn’t understand how to start about. She paused…” Before she could start with anything Gina had tears rolling down her cheeks. Erica continued, “Consoling Gina, Greg happened to come across his first love from schooling days and nothing changed in their relation except for their age Jossy and Greg both were my classmate from fourth grade.” Erica softly said, “Gina it was a misunderstanding between them and they parted ways I tried to tell you many times about this but your love for Greg was true.

With a teary eyes Gina said, “was I just a passing phase for him? Better late then sorry I’ll not try to come in between them to convince him once he cheated on me. He played with my emotions…” sobbing Gina just left the University premises. And next day when she met Greg in the campus, he behaved very normal as if nothing happened but Gina wished him, “have a good life” she gave a handshake and said, “bye” before Greg could say anything she went away. The desert storm in her mind settled. She met Erica and said, “thank you for letting me know the matter before I would have been depressed more. Somethings in life do teach us a lesson. She embraced her new self and started all over for a better tomorrow. Greg wondered what was it, but he never got any replies from Gina. So, after years when I met Greg I told him what all went wrong and how did Erica poisoned Gina’s mind. Greg was shocked to hear that. Greg said, “Sam why didn’t you tell me then all of this matter, you did know I was disturbed as my father wasn’t keeping well and he had to go through surgery.” I said, “Firstly Greg I came to know about this after two months why you both broke off, it was too late by then as Gina left for her further studies to Australia. But why didn’t you tell her about your father?” Greg said sadly, “Gina wanted to meet my parents from long as a friend of mine, and my father was convincing me to get back to Jossy as they were our family friend, so Greg was scared if Gina would have met her father after hearing he was not keeping well, and his father would have told Gina too about Jossy. He didn’t know how to put it across to Gina that he had a past relation.

But now there was no way Greg could get Gina back. She came like an Angel and went away like a breeze from Greg’s life. The absence of Gina was excruciating pain for Greg leaving it beyond repair.

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