A Sunny Day

On a bright sunny day Rebecca, a 10-year-old girl and her mother Diana decide to go for shopping as it was her birthday in the coming week at around 11 AM in the morning and then go to a beach followed by lunch and Robert her father was going to join them after work at around 6 in the evening. Her mother bought her an Ice-cream from Ben & Jerrys’ she was enjoying it and they had almost reached so she finished of her half-melted ice-cream fast. It was like a mother daughter date. They had loads of fun checking out clothes and Rebecca did try out few from them and then finally she finalized one and her mother bought it.

Her mother took her to The Cheese Cake Factory where she ordered her favourite Red Velvet Cheese Cake. She was so happy and said, “Mum if this could be done often it would be so much fun.” Her mother smiled and said, “Oh dear sure we could have done that but Daddy will not be able to join us, will you like that?” She was confused she loved Daddy as well she wanted such beautiful day to be spent with her family. But she was a very obedient girl and never argued on that anymore and Was busy finishing her dessert.

After that they proceeded towards the Pier her mother bought for her some bunch of balloons. She was so excited, then they enjoyed the rides on the pier it was just half the day that had passed and Rebecca was already all tired so she took a small power nap on her mothers’ shoulder. Diana then carried her and went towards the beach, and Rebecca was up. They sat near the beach and gazed at the blue water that sparkled link diamond in the warm sun. There were few people around the beach and there were two kids around Rebecca’s age making sand castle, she was fascinated to see how they were making it. And with a twinkle in her eyes she said, “Mum why don’t you bring me a sibling it would be so much fun to play along!” her mother smiled and before she could say anything Rebecca completed, “Oh mother dear no worries I’m happy alone.” Diana had a sigh of relief as she couldn’t have conceived anymore due to medical problem. But she really had a lovely daughter everybody wants to have one like Rebecca. The little girl was very curious to go to the water and swim, but she never told her mother thinking that they didn’t carry extra pair of clothes. But Diana read her mind and said, “Darling you can go in the water I have bought your swimsuit.” And there Rebecca’s goes in the water. From far she shouted, “Mum the water is cool and refreshing, I am in love with it.” And it was almost 6 so Diana told her it was time to catch up with Daddy.

They reached The Third Street Promenade waiting for Robert. He was coming towards them and they saw Robert had a small basket in his hand. Rob said. “Hi Honey, I’ve something for you. ” He gives the basket to Rebecca and it was a cute little puppy inside Rebecca’s happiness was spell bound. But she saw Daddy was worried so she said, “What happened Daddy are you tired then we can go home.” Rob was very pleased to have such a caring daughter. He said, “No dear, lets continue the day, I want to tell you something. She was curious as to what Daddy had to tell her.

So, they found a place where both the parents could sip coffee and she could have some shakes. That moment was about to come which would have changed Rebecca’s world completely. Rob started with a husky voice, “Rebecca how much you love both of us? Can you think of staying with only one parent?” The girl found her dad to be sad. She said, “Why are you saying so I love both of you so much that words can’t describe what you both are for me.” Hearing this both were very happy and sad too. Finally, Diana said, “Rebecca, my girl I love you a lot but I can’t promise to stay with you for long.…” Rebecca’s eyes were filled with tears and her voice was choked she said, “Why are you saying so, I’ll do whatever you tell me, but don’t leave us I and Daddy need you. Are they sending you somewhere from work? I’ll also come with you wherever you go.” Diana said, “No darling don’t you say so hugging her tight, who will take care of Daddy then.” She was in ambiguity as to what was the matter. Rob said, “Rebecca your mom isn’t keeping well she has Cancer and she would not be with us for. With tears in Robs’ eyes he continued I tried my level best but now no medicine is working on her may be if God can do a miracle.” Rebecca’s heart was broken into small pieces with grief in her heart she said, “I’ll tell God please don’t take my mom away I and Daddy need her.” And she started sobbing loud hugging her mom. “Mum, please don’t leave me, I can’t stay without you”. With silent tears Diana said, “My honey I’ll always be around you and above you like a shinning star, you can see me every night and wave at me.” But no words could stop Rebecca from crying. Then Robert said, “Will you cry like this and make Mumma sadder and more depressed or you will smile and make her days’ happy and create memories for all of us.”

Then they were on their way home all silent and little girl’s cheeks all wet with tears. It was Rebecca’s birthday and Diana organised everything so well. Rebecca showcased her Mother that she was very happy and appreciated the event she had organised so well. But deep down she was sad. Rebecca’s prayers did wonder her Mother leaved with them for 6 more months and the three created the best of the memories. Rover the little pup was growing up with the family too.

Rebecca is now a grown-up girl of 16 years. Describing everything to her Rover and her best friend Elsa. I would never know what love is Elsa, my Mother was an Angel who lived with me for 11 years and taught me how to live life strong. You’re still in my, daddy and Rover’s heart Mum. I Miss You Mother, things will never be the same without you. We are still empty without you and you leaving us has left a deep void in our hearts. Time is supposed to heal our wounds but it seems as though all it does is make us miss you even more each day that you are gone. The memories of you, are the only consolation I have today.

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