Be Strong Not Fragile

Once upon a time there was 2 girls and they were best buddies. But one girl was rich and other was comparatively poor. So, Sandy the poor girl always thought that rich people are the happiest on earth as they can buy whatever they want. And Diana being the rich girl always complained that she is not happy and was always cribbing about small things. But these did not hamper their friendship.

One day Sandy decides to speak about this to her mother as to why her friend was not happy. Was it like money can’t buy happiness or she’s not that rich to find happiness in small things. So, one Sunday noon Sandy walks up to her mother she was busy with her stitching work as she was a tailor and a single mother. Sandy said, mum can we buy happiness?” Her mum smiled and said, “dear happiness is a priority we need to hunt for it, but what is it darling why are you asking so?” With a sigh she said, “mum you know Diana, she thinks that her one problem gets solved, so another one rises up. She is always struggling and fighting to be happy but she’s just not satisfied.” Then her mother takes her to the kitchen. She fills in two pots with water and keeps it to boil on high fire. In one pot she puts pasta and in the other eggs and the water starts to boil, so both the mother and the daughter waited patiently for the pasta and egg to boil. But Sandy thought what was her mum try to do, why is she cooking now.

I was looking for a solution to help Diana. After 15 min her mother turned off the burners. She took pastas out of the pot and placed them in a bowl and same with the eggs. Now she asked her daughter what do you see she replied with a curiosity, “pasta and eggs. Now touch and feel the pasta she said, “they are soft” and now her mother told her to remove the shell of the egg and it was hard. Meanwhile her mother was preparing tea for themselves and then gave her a cup of tea and told her to take a sip the aroma of the tea bought a smile and happiness to her face. Now she asked her mother what did she mean by all this and how could she solve Diana’s problem. She then explained that the pasta and the eggs had the same hardship of getting boiled in the water. However, both reacted differently. The pasta became strong, hard, and sustainable, in boiling water, but it became soft and weak. The egg was fragile, with the thin shell protecting its liquid when put in the boiling water. Then the inside of the egg became strong and hard.

My dear daughter ask Diana which one is she a pasta or an egg when adversity knocks at the door. How does she take the situation and how does she react to it, that’s what is important? In life, many things happen around us, many things happen to us, but the only thing that truly matters is what happens within us.

This mantra had kept me going girl when your father left us for heavenly abode and I had no one to help me and no one around me. Choose to be happy over being sad, and you will be satisfied every time, because clear mind is the sign of happiness.

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