Dark and Stormy Night

Alisha had moved to a new house and on the first night it was raining heavily, whereas it was a spring season. She had decided to explore the house that night but rains and power cuts made her drop the plans, and lit two candles. She was terrified of the dark. So she decides to close the door of her room and see the view from 19th floor of her terrace apartment, that was amazing so she was on her couch with a mug of coffee in front of the French window, gazing at the rain drop on the glass, it was a dark stormy night. And she could here the rain falling on the roof with loud thunderstorm. But Alisha was in her deep thoughts of how she escaped the torture she had been through in the last five years. She was been married for 7 longs years but after her 2 years of marriage everything changed.

Allen use to beat her and physically abuse her, she had been through bad times, she fought for a divorce but Allen was a sadist, so he never agreed for a separation as well. She tried running away many times but she was unsuccessful at it. And the consequences after that would be horrifiying on her, she eventually stopped trying to escape him. She had no way to contact her parents. Neither were they allowed too, and they didn’t know as well where their daughter lived. There were tears rolling down her eyes touching the bruises he had given him. But on the other hand, she felt lucky that it was over 6 months she was out from the nightmare and was staying with her friend Emma.

She was working on the same organisation as Emma as a Software Engineer. Now she could feel her worth what was she and what Allen had made her, it was an arranged marriage.

There was a colleague of her who did know her story, but started showing interest on her. Alisha was scared to be in any relation after the trauma she had been through. Austin was really a nice person Emma had told her, but she was paranoid. But as the months passed by she did start feeling for him but she didn’t want to proceed anymore. Emma was supposed to come home for a stay that night as it was Friday and they had week offs. Emma was on her way so she tried calling Alisha but she never answered and there were 20 missed call and 5 messages. Emma got worried as to why is she not answering, as Alisha was going through some treatment in rehab to overcome the mental trauma.

By then with all these thought of torture she started hallucinating and she saw there were four candles and two were floating on air and she was just staring at it, and suddenly realise there was something in the house she was all sacred and searching for her phone but she couldn’t find it and sweat drips down her forehead and the fear of no light she gets all panicked and in midst of all this she hears somebody bangs on her door she shouts loud running away from those candle in the house but she never goes to open the door. Then she hides herself in the corner of a room, behind her was a mirror. She felt someone touch her cheeks and squeeze her hand and, in the mirror, she sees Allen. Alisha begs please leave me I’m not able to take this anymore or else you kill me all of once, but everyday pain…. I’m all done with this. Then suddenly she realized there was no one. She could hear the water flowing from the bathroom tap the bath tub was all full and the water was all in the room she slipped as with so less light she couldn’t see the floor was wet. Her head started to bleed, but however she managed and went in the bathroom and there was someone sitting in the tub with a candle, Alisha fainted and next day when she was in her senses, she was on the hospital bed with Emma and Austin besides her. She was describing whatever happened from reverse so they thought there is some paranormal activity in the apartment. However, when she told about Allen they thought it was her hallucination and they ignored.

But no one noticed one thing that on the 19th floor there was no one staying it was only Alisha, and the owner rented the aprtment for half the price which seemed a bargain at that time to Alisha. Again, for a week she stayed with Emma in her apartment, she felt better and decided to go back home. And that night again there was no electricity but it was only on the 19th floor, no one told her about it and neither did she realized herself same was the case when she moved. That same day Austin decides to visit her because he cared for Alisha and wanted to enquire about the apartment she lived in. By the time he came up to her apartment asking the security guard. Alisha felt there was ice cubes all in the floor, her eyes went wider before she could scream she saw the ice were forming into crystal and human body was getting formed and somehow her legs were stuck in the ground she couldn’t move her heart was racing and the beats could be heard all loud, her sight was getting blurred and the lights started flickering and there was a soft voice in her ears, “Darling I missed you”, and it was non other than Allen her husband and she could see a glimpse of someone running around her. All the windows were open and it was all breezy in the apartment. She tried to run and her legs got locked and she fell on her face, her mouth started bleeding and she was hung upside down. And there was a voice again, “you hurt my feelings and ran away just like all the other girls. She was swinging in the air bleeding terribly. Her mind was starting to fail, she couldn’t formulate any further thoughts how and why is Allen here. And there was no way she could move out of the house and she closed her eyes.

And suddenly she could hear the bell and when she opened her eyes there was bright light; everything in place but she was all badly bruised. She didn’t know it was her hallucination about the trauma that she had been through or really there was a paranormal activity. It was Austin on the door. Seeing him she hugged him tight and said, “Please take me from here he will kill me.” She goes with Austin and next day when she was in her senses to actually know what it was Austin told her, “Alisha there was some paranormal activity in that room that’s the only reason the entire floor is empty” to that she said, “but it was Allen there”. So that was her hallucination, the impact of the traumatic event on her mental health was really bad. She was sent there for her treatment and meanwhile Austin just found out about her husband Allen. Was that her hallucination or he was no more? So, he found that he was rather very happy marring another girl. However, he didn’t tell this to Alisha and proposed her to marry him and then they lived together with her treatments on and Austin tried all his level best to keep her happy and away from wrong thoughts and he helped her treat Nyctophobia. A year after her horrific Demonic attack, Austin said “If you believe there’s good in the world then you’ll find it.” Alisha sure did. The door of happiness re-opened for her.

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