The Scars You Left Behind

In a small Italian city named Naples lived a single mom Kate with her daughter Kim. She had lots of struggle when her husband left her all alone with her 6 months old daughter. She strived really hard to earn money but she was lucky in that part she earned handsome amount of money and saved a lot too for her daughter’s education. Years passed by she had no repent that Dan left her, but one little concern was her daughter’s bad temper which she had to take care and handle very softly, though she was hurt many times by Kim’s behaviour.

Kim grew up, and now it was time for her prom night, so out of care Kate said, “Darling please be home on time, I would be waiting for you.” So, Kim fought with her mother, she was depressed by her words. As Kim said, “I feel dad left you because you irritated him too just like you make me go mad at you.” Kate kept quiet with tears in her eyes and didn’t tell her a word further. But she decided to let her know how many scars she left behind on her mother, who strives so hard just for a better upbringing of her darling daughter.

Kate decides to buy Kim a gift. It had to be a thoughtful gift to teach her daughter whatever she did till now however she behaved with her mother was very wrong. Kate bought it, all wrapped up in nice red wrapping paper and kept it in her room to surprise her. Next day morning Kim sees the gift and was very happy, she thanked her mother and also apologised for her behaviour the previous day. Kim was all excited to open the gift and Kate was really happy to see the smile on her face. She opened the gift and it was Fujifilm – instax mini 9 Instant Film Camera – Flamingo Pink. Kim’s happiness had no bounds.

Now her mother also gives her a bag of nails Kim was confused then Kate said, “dear every time you lose your temper, get yourself clicked and you will get an instant pic then hammer a nail with this picture on the wooden wall. So, in a weeks’ time the wall got almost filled with her picture, she hammered 32 nails on the wall. Looking at her own angry face on the wall all the time and hammering so many nails made her gradually control her anger over the next few weeks the number slowly started reducing. She discovered that controlling anger was far better, then clicking those not so good photos and nailing it.

Finally, one day Kim did not lose her temper at all. She went up to her mother and said, “Mum I don’t feel like losing my temper anymore.” Then Kate said, “now pull out two nails each day, it will keep your temper under control. So, month passed by and Kim could now come and tell her mother it was all been removed. Then Kate took her daughter near to the wall and said, “you have really done a good job Kim, but do you see the hole in the wall. Now the wall can never be the same. Dear did you understand when you say anything in anger you live a scar just like the holes on the wall. You cannot push a person in the well and then pull him back, it will really not matter how many times you say you’re Sorry, the wound would still be there.”

My dear Kim don’t say anything out of rage to anyone in the heat of the moment, that you regret later. Some things in life could just be not taken back. Kim was really upset the way she behaved with her mother all these years. But however, she promised not to do the same again. But the wound in Kate’s heart couldn’t be healed, but she forgives her daughter and they lived happily after then….

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