The Pursuit of Happiness

A 49-year-old man called David who lived in Chicago with his family and extended family was a very happy go lucky person always wanted people to be happy around him. So, every morning he with his friends would go for walk so that he could give them positive vibes to make them happy. They use to leave in group for walk but later they use to get split in groups and start gossiping he tried so hard that they don’t talk amongst themselves rather say good things or inspiring stories to everyone.

But he got unsuccessful in that, they were not really happy with their family nor their friends. One day his friend Craig asked him, “why do you try to please everyone to be happy, are you unhappy so you try to find happiness in other or are you weak and want people to be around you always?”

David smiled and said, “Craig my friend being kind and trying to spread happiness do not necessarily is a point weakness. When a person is strong enough to take the betrayal and still be happy means the person wants others also to be at peace around. If the people around you are unhappy and keep on fighting or gossiping that disturbs the tranquility of personal life, People sense your inner strength, and therefore, do not take advantage of you by demanding their attention”

All the advice David gave he thought it would have been of great help at least one-by-one he can change, but he was wrong in that they couldn’t get what David wanted. So, David was very stubborn on hes act, so he decides to throw a party for his 50th birthday on August, 12 and the venue was Loft on Lake.

So, as an act of kindness he thought of spreading this to a lot more people rather than only his friends. Approximately, 100 people had come for his big day. All were in and they were enjoying the music and drink and waiting for the cake cutting event. Suddenly the music stops and David decides to organize a game for them. He started giving each guest one balloon. Each one of them were then asked to write their name with a marker on the balloon. After that all the balloons were collected and put in one glass room. Now his guests were let to go in the room and asked to search for the balloon with their name on it in 10 minutes. Everyone was madly searching for their name, pushing each other around with a hotchpotch and chaos all over the room.

The time was up and no one could find their balloon. So, all started thinking what kind of game was this no one could find it. David then says, “Hello peeps why don’t you guys just randomly pick up one balloon and then we shall continue”, so now all the guests had a balloon with them. And now they were asked to give it to the person whoever’s name was written on it. Within no time everyone had their own balloon.

David said, “My dear friends did you understand the motto of this game?” Everyone was blank that’s what he expected. He then continues…,” This is what’s happening in our lives too. Everyone of us is frantically searching for happiness all around and don’t actually understand where it is and never satisfied. Our actual happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Give them their piece of happiness and you will get your share too. And this is the purpose of our life, this is why we are here for.” Everyone was on the same page as him and they understood what was David’s motto, his friends could now understand why he wanted all to go for a walk and meet up every day. Now all continued to be on David’s path…. the pursuit of happiness.”

“Thank you very much for your advice and explanations David”, said his guests, and then they continued to enjoy the party with the cake cutting event….

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