The Untouched Memory

Lydia and Nick were happily married and had a baby boy named Bob. They lived in Birmingham and were leading a simple life with lots of understanding between the couple, they were role model for their group of friends. Now their son was also grown he was 10 years old.

One day he came home and was looking for his mum and was calling her but she never responded to him, so he went up to her and said, “Mom, I’m very hungry can you please make some pancakes for me.” She looked at him and said “who are you, how did you come in?” He was shocked as to why was mom behaving so strange and panicked, they had few more conversations but she behaved differently. So, he left her alone and called up dad narrating the entire situation. Nick was all surprised to hear what Bob said.

He rushed home and went to Lydia, she was all sitting blank and the pancake was getting burnt which she was making after requesting by that little boy. Nick said, “hey Lydia there is something that is burning” she didn’t respond to him but she was shaken by his voice. Nick then told her to rest and was thinking what that could be, so he decides to take her to Doctor. They all got ready to go and she was the first one to leave the house just like the way she did always Nick felt relieved by that, but what next instead of getting in the car she went out of the gate waiting for them. Nick shouted out to her,” Hey Lydia you are driving right?”, she was blank on where the car was. Nick was getting more and more worried about the situation.

They reached the hospital and after test she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and both father and son got fearful about the love she gave them would slip away. All that Nick could tell his son at that moment was “Today Is the First Day of The Rest of Our Life.” Both son and father with heavy heart took really good care of her, but with time the situation was getting worst so some extra care was taken and she was moved to memory care community as leaving her alone in the apartment became very risky. Nick would go every day to meet her. On her birthday he decides to propose her all over again just the way their love story started. But it was not the same response he got from Lydia. But Nick never stopped showing his love to her with each passing day.

One day Nick’s friends come over to meet him. He was very much broken and he said, “I have many memories of the past which will be untouched now and hope I could create few memories for future, but Lydia’s condition taught me the importance of the moment. Nothing else really matter. I love her just like the way I did or may be even more, she needs us.” With a sigh he continued, “each day of our gets complete with difficulty and a victory to win my Lydia back into our life. Some memories are better left untouched. So, each day is a new beginning, Sam”.

Lydia was diagnosed at 40 with this disease and now its been 20 years to their marriage and they are still standing strong. Their incredible love story is an inspiration for all of us during the hard times. Nick was so madly in love with her that all she said while leading their life he followed her words.

Worst come worst never give up; it is very easy to give up when you have faced this kind of situation but you just can’t, act to help fight the disease. Though Alzheimer’s is more than just losing memories, Lydia, Nick and Bob will be the one to remind us that it doesn’t mean losing love and creating a new tomorrow every day. All I know now is everything is gone, but I remember what Lydia always taught us “embrace life”. And to do that we need to go on…


  1. A very sad story, i saw Alzheimer disseas patients while working in a hospital in neurologie; they ‘slip away ‘ spiritualy, but with the needed cares they can live still a long time as no illnesses corperly… In this story the ladie was very young to get Alzheimer… and no 2 cases are the same; some times a slow decline, some times a quick one … one never know…


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