The Naked Honesty

Though the darkness and tears in her eyes Nora was sitting in front of her dressing table gazing at the mirror for hours and still she could see his imprint in her eyes. How much she loved Ben that her heart would get shattered into small pieces every time she thought about him.

Thoughts came into her mind the more she didn’t wanted to think about him. Every word he said was a lie. She managed to control her emotions and made herself a cup of coffee and sinking deep down she thought how he had changed her life for a beautiful tomorrow in a year. The naked honesty of Ben, made me fall in love with him so much that all his actions seemed to me like heaven, his words were so fascinating that I left my family behind who needed me the most. His aura seemed so positive, how could I not understand his wickedness.

She just happened to hear his conversation with someone on phone…. and then for the first time ever, since she fell for him, she found herself puzzled on whether or not she actually wanted him in her life. Few of his words still did not sink in as to did he really do this to me. All his false allegation on her and that moment she felt like, she was all alone in the whole world.

What should I do should I let him go to his wife and children or should I give him a chance and just ask the deal he did with someone on phone or should I try to hold him back and change him with my love. Her lips severed with agony in her heart what has been my fault, for holding emotion so intense, his image was slowly fading down, the speculations shattered because of the fraud, and that mask under the offence of willfully telling a lie.

Soon there was a friend of her on the door. She opened the door and it was Bella there….,” Hi Nora where are you these days? are doing well? Why there are tears in your eyes? Is everything alright?” Bella had so many questions as they were friends from 1st grade, but Nora was all quite and sad, Bella gave her time to stop crying and be calm. Nora stared at Bella and got lost in her thoughts, she went back to the past and recollected all that happened.

How Nora met Ben in a tube and it was like love at first sight. Days passed by and they decide to get engaged and Nora was so surprised when he proposed her. So, they went for a date on Nora’s birthday on the lake side. he had arranged everything so well there was music, candle light dinner with Champagne and a bouquet of white and red roses. Everything seemed so perfect like the love stories in the Novel, there was no way out that she could understand the cunningness behind his love. After a perfect dinner Ben asked, “Wasn’t it a marvelous day today!” Nora looks up at the stars in the sky and said, “it was really beautiful”.

She was so broken that Ben was like a daydreaming love for her. Some experiences had left such an impact on her soul it was a nightmare for her even to think that how could Ben make a deal of selling her for money. But still Nora was brave enough to run away from there she was saved from being sold, but she knew she herself was responsible for her own serenity and peace.

She was little calm so Bella asked dear is there anyway I can help you with…. With a sad and husky voice, she said “Bella I’ll tell you a story there was an Honesty and a Lie they meet one day. They fall in love and spend a lot of time together they go for dates and one day walk by and reach a lake nearby, the Lie tells the Honesty: “The water looks very nice, let’s take a bath together!” The honesty trust lies so much that whatever lie says honesty felt very nice. They undress themselves and start taking bath. Suddenly Lie runs out of the water puts on the clothes of honesty, takes his clothes in a bag and runs away. The raging Honesty comes out of the water looks for lie and looks for her clothes everywhere. People around sees Honesty naked and gives her a disrespectful and angry look. The sad Honesty returns to the lake and vanishes forever, and therein camouflaging with embarrassment. From then Lie travel everywhere dressed as Honesty satisfying people around. As the world in any case cherishes lie and no wish to meet the naked Honesty.

After this Nora was feeling better with this conversation she realized that she is far better condition rather if she would have been handed over to someone what would it have been? worst then what it is now. She recognized her own worth and value after the Honesty came out of the lake. Nora shined bright like a radiant rainbow after the storm.


  1. A sad story but with a happyer, clear, end …
    When i was young my father said to me :
    “hanny, pay attention, they ( boyfriends) are all dressed up in sunday-cloth”,
    he would say they shows only their best side and tell nice storys, don’t run into it …

    I didn’ot, my final boyfriend was not in sundaycloth, he came to get me after his work,
    i did som secratary work for him and he changed in ” sunday cloth” to take me out .. 😉
    Married for more than 20 happy years, and three nice children,
    Life changed after, but no regrets and still good friends …
    greetings out of France,

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