12-year-old Riley seeing out from the bus window shouted…

“Dad, look, the trees are going behind!”

Dad smiled and a couple sitting nearby, looked at the kid with pity, suddenly she again exclaimed…

“Dad, look the clouds are running with us!”

The couples thought she might have some disorder and they couldn’t resist and said to the Riley’s parents …

“Why don’t you take your daughter to a good doctor?” The father smiled and said… “I just did.”

Anna and Ross were married at a very early age. On their first night of the marriage Anna was very sad and with the choked voice she said, “Ross, if I say I never wanted to get married, would you still accept me?” Ross got upset with her words but very kindly asked, “Was this marriage forced on you?

Tears started rolling down her cheeks and with husky voice she said, “My father was very abusive and he never liked me nor my mother, he used to hit my mother because I was a girl born to them.” Anna never wanted to marry as she feared that if she would deliver a girl her husband would do the same. But Ross was not like her father, he was a good partner and supported her even with all the struggle and financial problems they faced.

After few years Anna got pregnant with a baby girl and despite all the love and understanding between them, she was worried to tell it to Ross. The horrible memories of her father came haunting back and with courage she broke the news to Ross. Much to her disbelief, Ross was the happiest person on the earth hearning he would be proud father of a lil’ princess. Time passed by and she delivered a beautiful baby girl, Riley. He was a really good father to the little angel. But as fate would have it, Anna and Ross realised that Riley was born with impaired vision. The whole world came crashing down for them. Anna blamed herself for Riley. She was inconsolable. “Why is god testing us so much? What wrong did I do? What is the fault of my daughter? Why is she not blessed with vision?” Ross was as supportive and loving as he could be for Anna and Riley, but inside he was broken too. He kept a brave face for Anna and told her that “We would become the eyes for Riley. She will see the world from our eyes. God knows, that we love her so much.”

There was a cure for Riley but it was out of reach for them. Anna broke this news to her mother who was already not keeping well. She took Riley to meet her grandmother. Her father tried to have a small talk with Anna, but she felt a rage just by looking at his face, after all it was because of him that her mother had seen the worst, that’s what Anna believed. Her mother tried to convince her that her father was a changed man. Anna would not believe a word she said about her father. Her mother tried a lot to tell Anna about the change of heart of her father. Anna never listened. Her mother passed away in illness.

As years passed by Anna never came back to meet her father but Ross was always in touch with him. Many a times in past Anna’s father had expressed feelings to Ross for meeting Riley. Ross would let him meet when he would take Riley to hospital for her check-ups. This was kept as a secret from Anna. Ross knew she hated her father.

Riley was now 12 yrs old. Ross and Anna had saved enough for her surgery. They waited for a suitable donor for her. And one day Riley found a donor. Anna was unaware of who the donor was, Ross had made up a story and told her that donor did not want his identity to be disclosed. The surgery went well. Riley, for the first time saw her mother. Anna could not stop the tears rolling down her cheeks. At the time of discharge Anna saw her father in the hospital too. She went near him to introduce Riley to him. But before she could speak her father walked away and completely ignored her. She was really hurt. She told herself that how can a man like this be nice to her mother. Just then Ross arrived from the doctor’s cabin and stopped her father by holding his arms. He told Anna to introduce Riley to his grandfather. Anna was pissed off. with a stunned voice, she said “No need off, he ignored me today as well.” Ross told her dear he couldn’t see you. Riley asked “Is he blind?’ Ross, “Yes, my dear today you are seeing the world with his eyes.” Anna was shocked and could not believe what Ross was saying. How can an ungrateful man like him even care about his grand-daughter when he loathed his own daughter? Ross explained her everything, how they used to meet him in the hospital and how changed man he is now as her mother used to say. Anna hugged her father and she forgived him. It was like a huge boulder of negativity taken away from her. She was happy.

Anna, Ross and Riley then took a bus home. “Dad, look, the trees…”

Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you. Just like the Anna and those few couples were.

When life has got you in a pit and struggle, its the faith and the hope that will help you going. Be calm and patience things will change for better tomorrow.

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