Become Your Own Boss

Want to start your business? But don’t understand where to start from, how to go about it, don’t worry you are not alone we are here to help you and give you tips on how to become your own boss. Setting up your own work hours with a cup of tea and in pajamas isn’t that really fun. Working for yourself is better than working for others if you have the caliber of taking risk and putting more hours at work. The perks are great, but the work is still hard. The truth of being an Entrepreneur is not magic, it is time, effort and a whole lot of commitment that gives you success at the end of the day.

If you want to be the Boss the first thing you need to do is ask yourself are you passionate enough to do what you do, even when you may fail a couple of times.


Here are 5 Tips to Get You Started for becoming an Entrepreneur:

  • Know Your Financial Situation

The first and the most essential to start your own business is by figuring out your financial condition. Will you be raising or fund or will be putting your own savings to give the pay cheque? Figure out how much money your business would require as investment and much will be the ROI for providing you with a livable wage. Sit down with a calculator and see how much money you need to get started? How much money will be spending weekly? Then how much will you require for an office set up? With theses number you would know about the cash flow and if your business is financially workable.

  • Identify the Right Business for You.

To be a successful Business owner you have to be truly passionate about your goals. Consider your work to be fun and you will achieve what you will believe. How would you know I the business is right for you?

  1. Do what you know

This simply means you be a master in what you have done prior and think about the best package and deal you can serve with or either your passion is something else and you know you can master that and you were already in the RnD of the work it was just that you couldn’t give time to it and now it’s the best time.

  1. Do what/how others do

Learn about others businesses like when you meet someone talk to them as to how they carry out their work so by that you would know the drawbacks, so rectify that and surpass it.

  1. Solve the problem

All businesses do have some kind of loop holes, so be at the receiver end to gain knowledge before you start with spending money on the service. What is the market value of the product or is there any gap in marketing?

  • Plan your business and wait for gratification

Most people don’t plan business which why getting the market is difficult. But a proper flowchart and business plan will help you gain clarity and confidence. Entrepreneurs who have well planned before starting knows that success don’t come overnight, hard work and extra effort is all you need. It takes time. Patience is the key to be successful.

  • Know Your Target Audience

Before you spend penny, check out which age group of people would be interested in your product and will they actually buy. What is the size of your target audience? Who would be your genuine customer? Is this product of use in their daily life? Run some survey online to ask your targeted customers directly and then proceed.

  • Build a Support Network.

You have made commitment to yourself now that you want to be an entrepreneur you want to own something of your own. Now make a network of supporters, advisors, partners and vendors. So now its your communication skills that can-do wonders. To pass your message to your supporters in a positive and effective way can bring you leads. If you believe in your business, others will, too. Attend networking events, ask other entrepreneurs what they do and back of your mind think how your product can be helpful to them. The key is listening to them more rather then boosting about your start up. Network locally, nationally via social networks. Even though social networks are essential, don’t underestimate the power of words-of-mouth.

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way of becoming your own boss. If you still feel stuck then reach out and connect with entrepreneurs in a variety of ways. You’ll be surprised contact can work wonders. And you’ll be a step closer to success!

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