Safety Check! 10 Tips to Baby Proof Your Apartment

Baby proofing your apartment is very important and being the first parent you would not know what new your baby would do tomorrow and everyday is a new experience and you know how fast your baby grows. Till the time you get used to its feeding and sleeping schedule and then in no time your toddler starts crawling. This is the time when you need to take care of the safety a lot. As you don’t know what attracts your baby to fidget with.

And the safety doesn’t come in your mind till the time your baby don’t start to crawl. Babies get attracted to small things at home. They would see litters on the floor that you wouldn’t even have noticed.

Safety of Baby

Here are 10 point checklist to baby proof your apartment:-

  1. All the electric point should have socket cover so that your angel doesn’t put her finger inside and you don’t know if the switch is on, you can now imagine the hazard that you may face. So once your baby starts to crawl socket cover are the must which are near their reach.

  2. Lock the kitchen cabinets as it may contain sharp knives or spoon that may hurt the baby or the li’l one may put his finger and push the cabinet. So magnetic locks can also be put for temporary bases.

  3. Under sink cabinets are the place where you keep the cleaning  products, but when you have a baby at home, you need to move them out of reach.

  4. The corner of the table or furniture needs to be rubber guarded so he doesn’t bang himself on the edges. If the drawer contains any dangerous item you should always keep it in place that is out of reach for him.

  5. All the door should have a magnet to pull back the door so the little finger doesn’t get smashed and the baby doesn’t lock him in the the room or bathroom.

  6. Always check the water temperature in the tub before your baby is all ready for a bubble bath. And if the bath tub is attached to the faucet then make sure the head does not get banged.

  7. If you have a dog at home see that the child don’t consume Flash’s pedigree as the dog is done please keep it away. As this could be choking the baby and you may not be aware what happened.

  8. Do you have stair at home? So a baby gate is a must and keep an unique latch so that it can’t be easily unlocked by the baby. And now you don’t need to worry about the door as you could match your home’s decor.

  9. Don’t keep too many stuffed toy, blanket or cushion in the crib this may suffocate the child when he is sleeping.

  10. Don’t keep novels or magazine in the child’s reach as he may tear the pages and consume them and even the print on the newspaper contains kerosene that could be harmful. Keep hard card story books to his reach that will develop a love for reading.

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