Benefits of Using Instagram’s IGTV for Business

Instagram has launched a new longer form of video platform called IGTV on June 20, 2018. It starts by clicking the little TV icon in the top right corner. To upload a video, you have to create your own IGTV channel. The IGTV app has a similar experience like IGTV button in Instagram app. Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram says this new feature is most exciting as the users can watch full screen video in the vertical format in the IGTV app, or they can watch it from inside the Instagram app. IGTV doesn’t limit the video to 1 minute just like Instagram rather a video of 1 hour can be uploaded and the video will start playing when the user instantly opens the IGTV app or hit the IGTV button the Instagram app and this gives the brand plenty of time to describe their product.

The goal of creating IGTV was that the users can easily follow their favorite influencers or vloggers. 78% of the total mobile traffic rolls on video, creating channel on IGTV is easy and allows clickable links in the description of the video. The cover photo can also help in branding.


Benefits for brands

Instagram has over 1,000,000,000 members. So, creating a video of your blog or product will help you reach a large audience. Relevant and attractive presentation means that your message gets spread quickly and effectively.

Being able to publish longer video will be a great opportunity for business and branding of products. The webinars can be uploaded so these types of video will educate the users as to how to use the services or products which will be convenient as reading through and understand the product takes time and is never interesting while video is always a feast to the eyes.

The videos always help us to convey or understand the message easily and quickly. Put yourself in a situation where I was once to get the baybee trike uploaded for my baby and had drag through a piece of paper to get it fixed was so boring and if this same thing I could search on video and fix it, wouldn’t that have been a real fun to do as video content is always eye-catching and makes the message clear.

Just before social media boomed we know how it was if we wanted to start any new product how the filming had to be done, which was expensive. But now it has become so affordable with the latest technology, anybody can make a video with decent camera as most of them now use smart phone. SO IGTV is here for you to get your business uploaded with a considerable ROI. You don’t have to be vlogger, traveller or fashionista to get views, you can get potential views from crowd if its of their interest.

IGTV being new the competition here is far less than videos of Facebook or YouTube. Getting noticed on IGTV is easier and has a great opportunity to get your product and business established. Creating a video has become so easy, but you would obviously want to get your website or brand visit from users so that this is a marketing hub for you. The best part is that users don’t need to personal search for your site on google, rather you can give a clickable link in the description of your video, so the users are just a click away while watching the video.

Instagram IGTV offers several benefits to your business. So, make the most of it and you can really boom your business.


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