How To Stay Positive When Unemploymed

Feeling battered as you have been laid out from job first time in your tenured career. Now your spending most of your time hunting for a new gig. But the confidence level has gone down thinking of rejections. You have to boost up your self confidence and start it all over. And I can totally understand how difficult it would be to remain upbeat when you’re on the receiving end of rejections email or no answer from the HR. No matter how bad your situation is if you have the right skills and potential in you, there will be a job waiting for you right around the corner.

Here are 10 tips on how to remain calm and positive when unemployed

1. Don’t Isolate or blame yourself

Isolating oneself from the world just out of embarrassment is one thing you should not do as that would give you more stress. The more you try to run away from facing the world the more you would see people coming to you. So ignore your worry when you are with your friends you soon need to discuss what your currently going through with anyone if people around betray you. Blaming yourself for the loss is also something wrong you would do to yourself. Remember there are somethings which we cannot control by ourself like the recession. If you are been laid off for the company cost cutting as the company is going out of business so that wasn’t your fault and you can’t blame yourself for being unemployed. Remember that there are many more people in the same position as you or worse.

2. Keep a regular routine

Keeping a regular routine is necessary to keep your spirit up just because the 8 hours lifestyle isn’t currently your scenario, don’t get lazy keep the alarm wake up at the same time. With fresh mind hunting for a job and giving any kind of telephonic round in the morning will help you better. Decide on an appropriate start and stop time for the day, and pen down a list of goals for the day. Create a to-do-list and stick to it this will give you a positive attitude throughout the job hunt. Each little step will get you closer to your goal. Use your spare time to polish up on the important piece of latest articles about your industry. This will help you improve your chances of actually landing an interview and cracking it. Doesn’t this sound like a win-win situation?

3. Explore Your Options

This is the perfect time to explore new career options and find out what you are really interested in. Did your current profile give you growth or you are still at the same level? So give up on that and search the appropriate field for yourself. Do you feel to start something of your own, do an RnD of the risk, growth and ROI’s. Talk to someone professional from your contacts to find out about a potential job shadowing or business opportunity. Who knows? You might even discover a new career interest in the process.

4. Positive Thinking

Staying away from both negative people and negative thought is very important as both of these can lead to depression and “what if” things don’t fall in place how will I manage etc. Focus on your development skills and gain more knowledge which will help you to bounce back. Negative thoughts are of no value so be around positive people which will give you good vibes. Maintain contacts and stay in touch with people for guidance.

5. Handle your expectation

Every job that you will apply will probably not give you a success. Don’t break down with rejection, infact learn from the interview and try to grow each day with some more knowledge. Know your caliber so work on the improvement areas. Prepare for the interview, just because you get rejection doesn’t mean you stand no where something good is in the box think positively and go ahead.

6. Improve your skills

Don’t let yourself fall behind by not getting updated with your industry skills, just because you’re not working. Try to get and read more information so you know more then asked in the interview. Check your social profile like LinkedIn and Twitter, get it updated with skills if you’ve been neglecting all these days. Do you have personal website or blog so get that updated start writing try to knock your spare time with such things will improve your skills as well as get you involved. These skills will keep your mind active and prove the interviewers that you were not just sitting back home and doing nothing. You may also discover new career interest in this process.

7. Remember your not alone

When there are lay-offs company fires many employees so that they can do cost cutting as there is not so much business so the cash flow reduces. So think of all the employees who were laid-off with you many are in the condition who pays emi, rent insurance etc. how will they be managing will breaking down help them. You have to stay strong and positive for the next move. There are many employers all you need is confidence to crack the interview. In this tough financial condition, also take solace in the fact that there are many others out there just like you who are looking for a shoulder to support. Consult the online job seekers for more openings. Do let the interviewer know that you are currently unemployed. So there may be questions like “What are your tips of staying positive during a job hunt? I’m sure this article will surely help you answer this.

8. Improve your resume and work experience

Most people have tough time staying positive in this situation is because they know that they were not actually accomplishing anything till now. So why don’t you list down your the work you did and now you see how much you know. Now all you do is update your resume. Check out few formats of resume and cover letter. Remake your biodata for better opportunities. Remind yourself that who you are not defined by your job. So losing a job is not a loss of identity

9. Take care of yourself and Enjoy Some Downtime

Taking care of yourself when your depressed is more important as you tend to skip meal or go out for work and sit right in front of the computer either applying for jobs or hunting one. Do exercise or yoga to keep your mind and body healthy. And also enjoy this moment people work for 60 years and look for a retirement and you have got that opportunity now as you will be joining back soon. Explore your hobbies like baking, cooking, playing cricket or football. But yes people who have a travel hobby you guys need to give it a second thought as you are unemployed now and there would be some financial limitations, so this is the time where you can come up with some new hobbies. Think of the things you always wanted to do but never got time from your work hours so now is the opportunity to make most of your time for your interest.

10. Don’t give up!

When you’re unemployed you may think the companies will not be willing to hire you, that’s not the scenario. Prove them by your words your leadership skills and how innovative you are in handling your team.

Jobs don’t find you, you find jobs. So never give up it’s just a matter of getting in front of the right hiring managers.

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