The Magical Journey of 18 Months

I never knew what life is until it grew inside me. The wonders started growing week by week and when you moved a little, I always felt those sweet tickle. Im privileged to feel Gods miracle in me, for which I would always be thankful to him. Watching you grow in the sonogram and knowing that one day I will hold you in my hands was one of the greatest gifts I could ever get.

Time flew by you really started to grow,

But I was so excited to meet you, that I always felt that time is slow.

I always thought how much you will weigh, how tall you will be?

Will you have head full of hair, and will you look like me.

9 months passed by, it was time to meet you.

However I was nervous and happy to see my little creation wrapped in blue.

After seeing your dimple chin and little nose,

I counted those wee little fingers and toes.

From the 9 months journey in the womb to 9 months journey in our little world. I can not believe I have known you for 18 months now, time truly flies when you are having fun. I am extremely happy you are in my life Baby Veer and cant believe you are growing up so fast.

And as the peom says..

_”I love 💕 you, you love me. We are one small family. With a hug and a kiss and an I love you, won’t you say you love me too baby.”_

When you are fast asleep I see your beautiful face,

Your lovely smile in your dreams makes my heart race.

You are my sunshine, my little bun

You are my world, my star, my moon and my sun.

When you laugh, your four little tooth shines like diamond.

You are like my happy day in the brightened island.

Today you can sit, you can also walk a bit.

Waiting for you to talk my playing kit.

Baby, mumma loves to count you in months,

My little soft ball of sponge.

You are mumma’s little monster,

And you are my all day energy booster.

I promise to always love you and stand by you forever.


  1. Wonderfull feeling, wonderfull Life ,
    being together parents and child…
    Only Love is what counts ❤
    Later there will be some 'revolt' in his teenage time,
    he wil "know better" then you, parents,
    He'll be searching his own way little by little..
    Sometimes some tears will flow,
    but as parents, with all the love in you, for him,
    you will guide him to his independance …
    And he will say later :
    Thanks mom and dad for what you did for me …
    and he'll understand all that better
    if his time has come te be a parent at his turn …
    And he too will see;
    it's WONDERFULL !

    ( my own experience with my 3 kids 😉 )
    French greetings,

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