My little Foal

You’re my Precious in every way,

The li’l Sunshine in my everyday.

You are the Joy in my Soul,

And the Love of my life li’l Foal.

You are the reason for me to become a mother,

So you’ll always be treasured forever.

People told me I’m a good Mother,

But i knew that you are a good Son all together.

People may say that you’re are cranky,

But remember that was their opinion blankly.

You might have stayed up all night somedays,

But yet I was always bright the next day.

Amongst everyone out there you are the very best,

You are my million dollar reward in my little nest.

So waiting for you my little boy to call me Mumma soon,

You stole my heart like a blue lagoon.


  1. So nice as you talk about your sweet little son in poems ❤
    and such a very nice family picture ! he looks lot like his father …
    Be happy all three together for a very long time ..
    Soon your little Foal will running and jumping arround , wait and see 😉 (y)

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