Baby Veer Turns Six Months

It’s already been a half I’m with you,

As mother with my baby Veer, each day I grew,

I loved you even more from the day I saw you,

You stole my breath and embraced my heart like no one knew,

Our late night bottles and teddy bear cuddles,

Is always fun like your love for soap and bubble.

I thought of things you’d want to know,

Like how the fan goes round and the flowers grow.

When I see your precious face,

I always pray that your life will be touched with love and grace.

I thank god for every single cell in your body that’s happy,

That makes me glad when your peacefully sleept.

Each night I lay you down in your bed

I gently kiss your cheek and head.

I whisper “I Love You” every night.

And love the feeling when you cuddle your fingers and hold me tight.

As a mother and child our journey had begun,

I’m always there for you forever, my little one.

With all the licks and the kicks baby Veer turns six 🎈


  1. So cute ! I see you’re a proud mom ! and you can be !!
    it gives me a happy feeling too , to see your babyboy so cute, so in good health, so happy !
    All i wish for you three is to go along very happy together and for a long, long time (y) ❤
    Hugs and greetings from France, hanny

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