My Little Son Turns One Month

A month ago, you came into our life,

By putting a smile on our faces for life.

From morning to night, you make our everyday bright.

Our little bundle of joy for all day right.

Two little eyes staring with innocence and delight

To us it is a symbol of love and sunlight.

Two playful tiny feet, that wave in the air,

And those little fingers that tug in my hair.

My cute little baby you’re our toy to cuddle and squeeze,

And those giggles that makes our heart melt like cheese.

Your five little fingers when they hold me tight,

I know you feel secure in your dreams all time.

Your rocker, lullabies and shades of blue,

All so shinny and so new.

Time will fly and you will grow,

That day nothing will be new although.


  1. Yesss, such a rich adventure of Life ! In between a month older again, your little treasure is in good hands with that papa and mama ! I wish you all three lots of luck, health and wishdom for your whole Lifes ❤ ❤ ❤
    It goes so quickly, even my grandchildren became big in no-time 😉 !
    Love, hanny


    1. No time to write things here anymore or am i lots behind ???
      Hope you all are still well and in happyness together !
      Love out of France, hugs for you and kisses for the little one, who is much bigger in between !
      warm greetings, hanny


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