The Importance Of Employee Motivation

With so much of competition within the industries, the ratio of employee motivation and performance is very important. It is very rightly said by Steve Jobs “The only way to do great job is to love what you do”. So when a person chooses a profession they  know they would love the job, but it is not compulsory for them to like the atmosphere if it is not motivational or if the boss is too crib-by about stuffs. Motivation is essential not only to boost employee performance, but also to hold on your employee in the long run of the betterment of the organisation. Encouraging your employees can bring in extra effort to your work. Motivation is a term which helps the employee to do their part of work willingly and it is not forced upon them.

You may find many boss who is not really aware of good leadership and they are the one who kills the motivational factor. Bad leaders are the one’s who focuses more on your mistakes rather than the good you’ve done, dismisses your ideas and are always up with their flop ideas, makes false promises and always beats around the bush, sets unrealistic  deadlines pressuring the employees. You need to be a self motivator, when your boss doesn’t if you want to continue in the same place or you choose for some better option. A support system with the organisation is vital, do a brainstorming with others employees when you can’t rely on your boss to get ahead. If your Boss doesn’t motivate you, it’s essential to look for support somewhere else – not only to keep your confidence up but also to increase your visibility.

Motivating your employees could either be intrinsic or extrinsic.

  1. Praise their work either by giving recognition, rewards or value the work done.
  2. Right compensation and perks is what everyone looks for.
  3. Scope for growth is what an employee would look forward to, give necessary training.
  4. Create a friendly atmosphere so that your employee doesn’t leave you
  5. Give promotion according to the hierarchy and not to one of your favourite.

“The Importance of Employee Motivation” means a highly productive staff, and they are the one’s who will help you achieve your goals and make your business grow. This should be your main motto for business plan. It is very important for the boss to understand what motivates their employees. But there should be list of motivational acts, because is is not important for all the employees to be motivated by the same set of thing except for the compensation!

A positive and appreciative tone inspires your employee to create a positive environment. Greeting your employee with smile would help them to open up to you. The importance of employee motivation cannot be overlooked. Ultimately when employees are motivated, satisfied and happy you see the result of increased productivity, reduces turnover, and improves overall performance with a good revenue generation.20559089135_0589644bbd_z

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  1. If you like your job, if you feel valued in a job, if you can developpe something with that job, if you have some input to the entreprise , etc . than there IS automaticly motivation !
    If one has ‘to force’ or ‘to fake’ motivation for an employment, no training will help, that one will never be happy ( and efficient ) in such job … And, be wise : work with pleasure in a job for a living, but dont live only for a job.
    Greatings, retired hanny….

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