Which Of The Bollywood Drama You Encountered?

How many wish you had a dramatic mates when you share an apartment? Some roomie can really become best friends and improve your social  and personal life. But few can make your life miserable. So take time to choose flatmate wisely, with whom you have to spend at least 12 months.

But no matter what you do to screen the best roomie, you may end up with a lemon. And the lucky one’s can get a cupcake.

If  you find yourself in familiar situation then don’t feel offensive rather try to change yourself or the roommate.

Here are the list of Bollywood drama that you may have  encountered:-

1. The Party Animalimage02Credit – pinkvilla

Your roomie who is crazy to party any time of the week, and have a blast on the weekends. They have earned their Bachelor’s degree of Alcohol and their crazy party ends in the morning and they come home tipsy-topsy at 6AM.

Deal the feel: If you have exams coming up then inform them continuously or this may hamper your academics. If this is disturbing, you can change your home, but you can also take this as an advantage as they would be out most of the time leaving you at home, so now the house is all yours to study and when they are back they would be sleeping the entire day.

2. The One Who’s Never At Homeimage03

Credit – grabhouse

You are blessed to stay with such kind of roomie who is never home, they are always trekking or their weekends just rolls over. And you don’t see them all over the week and you are worried for them. And one fine day you see just because there is an assignment that needs to be submitted.

Deal the feel: You may feel lonely all alone and you always wanted to stay with a roomie, but your roommate is never at home. So what! you can invite your friends over, such kind of flatmate never becomes your best friend. But see the positive side you get the entire apartment at half price. Do what makes you happy over the weekend house is all yours.

3. The Little Miss Perfect Fashion Queenimage04

Credit – southeast-1.amazonaws

The little miss perfect is always ready  wherever she has to go. This delicate darling always talks about shopping, makeup and grooming. The best part is she loves sharing, for her “Sharing Is Caring”. The most generous roommate you might have found till date.

Deal the feel: Peekaboo! For the ones who love fashion but doesn’t invest money and gets everything for free. But if you are person who wants to be perfect but don’t know where to start from here you get your fashionista roomie. Your flatmate believes in sharing but you don’t like sharing so be clear with your thoughts, that you don’t like to share few list of things. This will help both of you. Lifestyle isn’t same for everyone.

4. The Noise Makerimage05

Credit – parhlo

Whoa ho! Who’s that shouting loud which could almost wake up a dead person or a person sleeping may get a heart attack. His voices echo in the entire house which is annoying almost all the time. Neither can you study for your semester or sleep in peace.
Deal the feel: For such kind of roomie you have to be straightforward and say that their melodious voice disturbs you, so shout loud when no one’s at home or else this needs to be stopped. And if this continues you have to look out for another option.

5. The Passive Arrogant Oneimage06

Credit – filmmella

These type of roomie are not that inhuman to fight with you, rather you see notes all over the house for you. And they don’t like confronting so sticky notes are their confrontation. Maybe you forgot to put off the light and the note is waiting for you next day “Turn Off Lights”.

Deal the feel: These notes may be very annoying but think the other way round if things were spoken it might have become larger issue with arguments. These type of roommates are actually nice because if you ask them “didn’t they like about what happened” they would always reply with “that’s fine”. But leave a note for you, but see to it that they don’t control you with sticky notes.

6. The Mr. & Ms. Cleana

Credit – bollywoodshaadis

The freaky roommate who is always obsessed with cleaning. And you’re part of the room is most of the time messed up and their bedroom is all clean by 8 AM and they are early to bed and early to rise people, always organised and clean.

Deal the feel: It would be great if you too are on the cleaner side, and keep the room spic and span, but if you are on the messier side then there would be issues. Always remember don’t mess on their side that may create conflict. The advantage with such type of roomie is that the common areas are also cleaned by them. But don’t make it a habit and take advantage of making them clean the common space always, they may bust out with anger someday.

7. The Food Thiefimage08

Credit – raftaar

Most of the time you may find that your roomie doesn’t own anything and is always borrowing if you’re around or else taking your food without your permission. Borrowing clothes from your closet and sometimes just robbing stuff just because they know you’re careless. When Lays, chocos, cookies are all missing then you realise you have not consumed it rather your flatmate has finished them all. “Buy Your Own Food Buddy”.
Deal the feel:You have to confront this to your roomie as it costs you money and is not free. They too can buy for themselves and if they don’t have time tell to buy then let him pay you, and you do the favor for them when you go to buy your own grocery. By this you can save your pocket for time being. And still if this continues keep the food items in your room, locked in a cabinet.

8. The Clingy Roomieimage09

Credit – googleusercontent

The clingy roommate never makes you feel lonely from your friends and family. She never leaves you apart when you’re in the apartment. And starts with personal talks from the very first day she met you. And sometimes even wants to go out with you, and will self invite themselves.

Deal the feel:They are very good at heart so you have to handle this issue gently so that your roomie is not hurt. They may want to make you their best friend and is scared to be left out in the new environment. So take them out with you if she’s fine with the atmosphere and friends well and good, if not then she will go her way from next time.

9. The Irresponsible Roomieimage10

Credit – grabhouse

This roommate of your doesn’t do anything, even doesn’t take care of his own grocery. They are always dependent on you. You always try to support them as they are not cunning very sweet at heart and you recollect those days when you were like them. Only thing you need to be clear about is when it comes to cleaning the house. You can’t do two jobs whereas your roomie chills in the room.

Deal the feel: But such kind of roommates require ultimatum or else one day you would be the one doing everything and would be taken for granted. Like if the rent is not been given on time you have to be clear and tell them “this would be your last month if you don’t pay on time”. Because you receive the half amount late instead of paying the other half you pay the entire amount to the landlord. So you get stretched if you’re a student as you get pocket money from your parents.

10. The Drama Maker And Blunt Roomieimage11

Credit – ytapi

There is a fancy dress everyday in your apartment with lot of noise disturbing the surrounding neighbour. Sometimes it happens like if they had a break-up they will cry over it everyday loudly and tell what happened, in spite it was not a serious relation. Then they do drama once night out buddies have come in after drinks and you don’t like all this, fair enough but they shout so loud that you can hear them clearly from your room.

Deal the feel: You have to be straightforward and stubborn in informing that you’ll not be taking these tantrums of loud music and overnight party in-house. You dress up for fun crack jokes is all fine not smoking and drinking inside the apartment. But convey this nicely, they will surely understand. If they still continue to do the same, give them a warning that you’ll convey this to the landlord.

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