10 Most Visited lakes in USA

Lakes flaunts water’s most charming qualities, from mesmerizing crystalline clarity ripples to mirror like reflections. United States has thousands of unique lakes, few are in high mountain region, while others are at low altitude. These irresistible bodies of water owe their glamour to climate.

Here is the list of 10 most scenic lake destinations, but all are distinctively beautiful and are worth a visit.

1. Lake Tahoe, Nevadalake-tahoe

Credit – inosmi

Surface elevation: 6,225 ft
Area: 496.2 km²
Location: Nevada and California
Lake Tahoe is the biggest crystal clear alpine lake in North America and is the second deepest in US and 16th deepest in the world. It was formed millions of years ago during the Ice Age. Both Nevada and California has tourist attraction for Lake Tahoe for its shoreline. Nevada side of Tahoe also includes large casinos.

2. Lake Superior, Michiganlake-superior

Credit – allaboutthemitten

Surface elevation: 600 ft above sea level
Area: 82,103 km²
Location: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada
Lake Superior is considered to be the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. It has an impressive rock formations with a small waterfall. This variation in temperature makes the lake seasonally charming and beautiful. Lake Superior is particularly amazing in the fall months of September and October with the colour of yellow, orange and red.

3. Lake Powelllake-powell

Credit – nationalgeographic

Surface elevation:3,592 ft
Area: 658 km²
Location: Utah and Arizona
Some lakes are formed by mother nature, however some are man-made. This impressive lake powell is human-made reservoir built in 1963 which is the second largest. Around 2 million people visit every year, one of the maximum tourist attraction. This location is used in filming too for films like Planet of the Apes (1968) & Gravity (2013).

4. Crater Lakelake-crater

Credit – indiancountrytodaymedianetwork

Surface elevation: 1,883 m
Area: 53.35 km²
Location: Klamath County, Oregon
Crater Lake is famous for its deep blue color water and clarity. It is the first deepest in US and 10th deepest in the world. It is formed when a violent eruption triggered the collapse of a towering volcano 7,700 years ago.

5. Hanging Lake, Coloradolake-hanging

Credit – Pinterest

Surface elevation: 2,146 m
Area: 6,070 m²
Location: Colorado
Hanging Lake is located in Glenwood Canyon. Fairly easy hike and great scenic beauty along the way to the lake. The turquoise colors of the lake are originated by carbonate minerals. Fishing is strictly provided as well as we can’t swim in the lake. Dogs are not allowed.

6. Avalanche Lake, Montanalake-avalanche

Credit – canvasprints

Surface elevation: 3,905 ft
Location: Flathead County, Montana
The water in the Avalanche Lake is the meltwater from Sperry Glacier. It is located in the Glacier National Park. Avalanche Lake is a 2 miles hike from the trailhead. The hike itself is moderate with no huge climbs anywhere and a very scenic route that makes you stop once in awhile to get clicked.

7. Mono Lake, Californialake-mono

Credit – reddit

Surface elevation: 1,944 m
Area: 180 km²
Location: California
Mono lake is a shallow saline lake in California. It is formed approximately 760,000 years ago. It is an oasis in the dry Great Basin, and due to lack of outlets there is a lot of salt accumulation in the lake, which makes the lake water alkaline. Due to the salt the water level increases. There is volcanic activity happening in the Mono lake.

8. Redfish Lake, Idaholake-redfish

Credit – idahocampgroundreview

Surface elevation: 1,996 m
Shore length‎: ‎11 miles
Location: Central Idaho
The elevation of Redfish lake is 6,547 feet. The access road to the lake is paved from State Highway 75 which delivers motorists to the visitor area of the lake. These lake is named as redfish as each year travelling 900 mile journey from the sea there are thousands of sockeye salmon in the lake that it’s said the lake would shimmer red.

9. Diablo Lake, WashingtonLake Diablo.PNG

Credit – slemishmarketgarden

Surface elevation: 366 m
Area: 3.683 km²
Location: Washington
The vibrant turquoise colour of the lake water is attributed to the surrounding glaciers which makes the view more scenic. It has become a popular recreational spot for kayakers and canoeists. You will see many wildlife like hoary marmot, mountain goat and several kind of birds. The hike is 3.7 miles one way and ascends some 2,000 feet over about 35 switchbacks.

10. Lake McDonald, Montanalake-mcdonald

Credit – imgur

Surface elevation: 961 m
Area: 27.61 km²
Location: Flathead County, Montana
Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park located in Montana. You will find wildlife like Grizzly bears, black bear, moose, bighorn sheep, and mule deer however this is very common on the north shore. The views are breathtaking. It’s a truly beautiful location.

Summer is the perfect time for a getaway to the lakeside. The days are long, warm and cozy, so it’s time to kick back from the hectic schedule and relax, get yourself surrounded by the natural scenery and water views.

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