Save Water – Think Globally, Act Locally.

Are all trying to be water wise? There is a lot of water crunch in the city so as a citizen what are you doing for water conservation. There are 3 things that you can’t live without is Oxygen, Food and not to forget clean water, as millions of people die due to water borne diseases. But how many of you are still using it effectively for your future.
In this blog all can be a part of water conservation campaign that provides you tips to reduce the usage of residential water as much as we can. Let us all do a share to conserve water. Every bit of water you conserve, it is every bit of life you preserve! Water conservation is compulsory in all buildings and apartments as there is no rain so the scarcity of water may increase drastically.

Here are some ways you can tap the tap…

• A lot of awareness needs to be spread to the maids, for cleaning the utensils low-flow faucets is very important as in India most of our household works are been done by them; and they tend to keep the tap at high-flow where you lose in a lot of water so educate your maid on conservation of water. Inform them if they use up all the water, what will be left for the next gen?
• If you are using washing machine and your maid starts the machine see to it that the machine is full when they run a load. And if the maids wash clothes with their hand see to it that they don’t let the water flow when not in use.
• Many people have the tendency to get the water changed for every room by their maids for mopping, please stop that you are wasting water. The big the house the more the water is been wasted. Be a responsible citizen and educate your maids and people around you.
• And nonetheless turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. And place a bucket if the tap is dripping by any chance or else you can keep a bucket in your shower to collect the cold water that usually goes down till you wait for the hot water to come.

Water, water not all around,
So save the drop of water that is found.
If there is no water it is pain,
So save water for better rain.
Water is blessing, water is life,
Nature is singing, and everything survive.
The earth is happy with water amount
And every little drop always count.
Don’t waste water and make mistake,
Everyone needs water so save for their sake!

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. Save Water!!”



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