Walk With Me, I Need You…

Every day is another chance to make your dreams come true. So we all work towards it and work harder. But have we any time thought of those small little kids who don’t have parents, and everyday wish, they have someone who they can call mom and dad. In front of whom they can do tantrums for new toys. Just like we did when we were small and all are wishes were been fulfilled. How do they feel when they grow up a bit, to understand that the people who bought them into this world have left them half way all alone. Why?  We all show sympathy towards them but try to enter their life may be we can’t feel in the empty space in their life, but surely we can touch their heart, making them feel happy.

“A children’s home where orphans are given hope, family love, godly values, and a quality education.”

I visited an orphanage recently… Those words when those kids said there are guest at home (gharpe mehemaan aayee) made me spell bounded, as it was my first visit for a good cause. I saw the happiness on each and everyone’s face. We always wake up in the morning to see our mummy daddy’s face but what about them.


This is Sagar a 6yr old boy who was the jolliest of all kids, his parents have put him away in an orphanage, and it might be like a cage to him. His mother is suffering for TB last stage and his father is a drunker. So the parents decided to put him here. She is admitted in Worli hospital. The father does come to meet him sometimes, but the caretakers of the center told him not to visit, as Sagar cries a lot to go back to them once he leaves. As a child they soon learn to do what they are told too, so every day he haves food by himself, but that day he told me to feed him (didi mujhe aapke haath se khana hai), so they also want someone like us atleast to visit them if cannot adopt them. He finished all his food as they got special menu otherwise they only have cereals & pulses (Dal) and rice. His plate was completely clean and he was very happy. But food is what they need, but what they need more is love and affection. Our random act of kindness could change their life for some time. Their only joy comes when they sleep and angels bring him sweet-dreams.


At times when I kept tears away,
To look for colors in life, except for grey.
With the sound of bell,
I would run like hell.
With those little hopes,
But again felt like tide in ropes.
Why dint you care, I wanted you near
So I dint dare, to ask them because of fear.
Happiness is having so many mates,
With whom I could relate.
They were siblings to me,
As they were Orphan like me…


Someday these under privileged kids will also find their Glory Of The Stars

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