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You have someone in your life who brings you as much happiness as a horseshoe and a four-leaf clover ever could! This friend brings lots of laughter and fun into your life! You have a phenomenal time together. Now show everyone who your personal lucky charm is, and share your results on Facebook!


So exciting, what all a simple photo can reveal about you! Still, your face reflects your character, which is why your profile photo can reveal so many things about you. Do you agree? Share your results on Facebook and have a discussion with your friends about what your profile photo says about you!

About Me

You have a shamelessly feisty personality. You fiercely defend your own opinions when challenged by others and don’t think twice about correcting those who are clearly wrong. This means, however, that your determination and self-belief can sometimes come across a little cheeky. Your temperament also makes you a natural over-achiever. Put another way: In a world where only the strongest succeed you rise straight to the top.




Times Of India


  1. Hi Banashree, happen to come across your blog from a mutual blogger friend and must tell you the Minion post was overloaded with fun and cuteness!! Totally loved it and was still in its hangover when i saw this post.. absolutely brilliant idea!! Totally loving it here. 🙂

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