Challenges Every Small Business Faces

For all the new entrepreneurs who are usually not prepared for the problems coming their way. Things are never easy for a start up. The most important factor is to know what challenges your business will commonly face as it grows, and be prepared to face those challenges with head held high. Its a competitive world so you should always be ready for climbing the ladder. You need to be strategic and creative in how you attract the market. To get your business running these are the points that needs to be considered.

  1. Finding Time to Write a Business Plan
  2. Understanding Your Finances
  3. Developing an Elevator Pitch
  4. Keeping an Eye on Cash flow


Small-business owners often have the expertise in making or creating the product or service they sell, but they aren’t experts in human resources, finance, marketing, legal issues, sales and other aspects of running a business. A detailed business plan is essential for proactive growth. We always felt that what we have studied in university is never the same when we do it practically.  But we are wrong when we start a new business all that we have studied is very important, as baby step is very much required to grow your empire with the planning of-course. Behind every successful entrepreneur there are many unsuccessful years. So don’t break down with a failure. Growing the business with limited access to capital and resources presents a big challenge,” said Shyam Gulati, CEO of an information-technology firm.
Usually entrepreneurs get so worked up with the paperwork and doing all the necessary things in keeping the business running. They fail to fulfill some other equally crucial tasks. Then tend to work in the business rather than working on the business. Analyzing the business is very important for problem solving or rather not letting the problem occur. Determine which area needs attention, review cash flow of your business, payrolls and employee benefits. Connecting with your employees is very important to keep your business growing. Running an effective meeting is all that you need to discuss the objective or agenda of a project in a meeting.

There are many new startup companies that stick to the age old book rules, it not wrong but we only need to grab the concept from the book and not the methodology. A concept is a general idea inferred from the book whereas in methodology a systematic, logical process that we opt for accomplishing a task. The best thing to do is to be open to innovation as nobody will interrupt in the way you want to run a business. Maintaining an innovative way is the growth plan and a must have ingredient for any startup’s to survive. There are many problems that are encountered by business owners throughout the course of managing their business. All entrepreneurs must be prepared for solving problems that come their way. However, creating a startup is not an easy task.

As a business owner, you need to dedicate time to managing your cash flow. Lack of a plan worsens the cash problem by wasting cash chasing tempting diversions, and throwing money at problems. PLANNING is the most basic financial goal of every business. A business plan outlines the business goals and how the business will attain them. A profit margin is the percentage of total revenue that exceeds operating expenses. Spend the time planning for success.


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