Little Sister

Little sisters are the small sunshine that fill your life with energy. They love you, adore you but what they unknowingly also do is teach you a number of things that turn out to be life lessons, and Bhagyashree did that to me many a times. Those late night gossip sessions, the crazy ass fights, the pulling of each other’s hair, the small complaints to mom and numerous deep dark secrets, the time I wore her clothes and she searched the entire house just to find that same outfit,  made her mad at me, I have shared many of these sweet and salty memories with my younger sister.

You are the elder one and are expected to act a certain way. No matter how much you deny it, all of it just comes to you naturally. She being the youngest always built a protection layer around. I was been spoon feeded a lot by my parents that made me dependent a lot. I not only taught her but learnt a lot from her as well.

Sisterhood is one childhood memory we always hold on to. The perfect example of a love-hate relationship, that lasts a lifetime. I am married and I don’t see her everyday. But now when I notice that one fine day she’ll be married and have to leave us chokes me to the core. My baby sister is an inspiration for me most of the time.

Life Lessons You Can Learn Only From Your Little Sister

1. How I unlearn the learnt

Once I saw my small one grow, I realized what all mistakes I had committed while growing up. The things I had learnt over the past few years. I unlearn the things I had learnt earlier after I saw my younger sister walking the same path. I always wanted to be the perfect guide for her, but however she was my role model in many situations.

2. learn to be a role model

She followed my steps, she copied my dressing style many a times which I loved especially the lip colour I suggested her to apply, yes every younger sister does this to the elder one. I start taking the right steps in front of her so that my younger self does not learn something she isn’t supposed to. It did hurt her when I did not share many things with her. But wanted to keep her away. She was very young then for all these.

3. She transformed Me into what I AMtoday

Had my parents decided not to gift me this little angel, my life would have been really different. May be difficult even. In fact I myself would have been very different. She taught me a lot and has made me what I am today. She proved to be the perfect life lesson, unknowingly teaching me everything I needed to learn in life so that I could accomplish what I have till date.

4. We accepted to be the ATM of eachother

All her unnecessary demands, the need for those harry potter movie to the animated one’s, the urge to try out new cuisines. Try to make her birthday special with that doremon cake that she liked. No occasion exchanging gifts were enjoyed by both of us.

5. You learn to be patient

Well, having a younger side is not all rainbows and butterflies always. There are low points in the relation but you learn to deal with it. No matter how harsh her words were that I cried for hours, you always gulp down the anger and refrain yourself from using terms that would bring tears to your baby sister’s eyes. You love them unconditionally after all and always wish good for her future and coming years.


Yes she’s the same person whose more than half  wardrobe is owned by me and irritates the hell out of her. Cherish it.



  1. Nice written Banashree ! My much older sister learnt me a lot but passed away far to young …, My much bigger brothers showed me things to do and not to do too …
    But we’re gone far away from each other …
    Canada , Holland and me in France..
    My children the same, one in Holland, one in the Philipines
    and one in Paris / france …
    But with the modern technologis we all can keep in tuch …
    to still ‘learn’ things from each other ….
    love, hanny

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