Peplum In Trend

Looking for a hot new trend to try on your next date? In today’s fashion industry peplum is the most top rated sophisticated style trends. Far-fetched trends that can actually make you look thinner and elegant. Peplums have always been in fashion since years ago and the pattern is still making its place among Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. It brings style and charm in most of the individuals and makes a statement on various body types. Peplum can give you both cocktail and formal events sophisticated look. A must have dress for your wardrobe. Peplum Tops & Dresses exhibit a classy and an elegant look. A peplum can also give the illusion of a smaller waist. Pair the peplum top with a pencil skirt so you can rock the pencil skirt trend with another trend. Peplums work best for women with hourglass figures. This kind of dress is fabricated in a manner that it might be adjusted to all or any seasons.

There is a variety of different peplums. Read on to find out which one works for you.

  • Asymmetrical Peplum

One of this summer’s hottest trends is the asymmetrical peplum top. A well-placed peplum can hide a thicker middle depending on where the hem falls: If you are plus sized. Styles that are longer at the sides but shorter in the front and back are ideal for those with narrow hips.


  • Gathered Peplum

Gathered peplum is for the body type with a barely defined waist. This works well when you want to create a curve at the hip while appearing smaller at the waist. Create much wanted contrast between your hips and waistline so make your top sits right where your waist is.


  • Flared Peplum

It also important to choose a peplum style that flatters your body shape. The waist of the flared peplum typically is not as cinched as it is in other styles. If you are heavier at the bottom this kind of peplum will flatter your figure.


  • Pleated Peplum

Pleated peplums are the most flattering on any body type. It can minimise the appearance of a belly. It accentuates and camouflages at the same time. Try the peplum dress, for a date, a night out, a meeting; you just have to pick the right color for each occasion and the right accessories.


I will be back with some new trends till then “Stay Stylish and Spicy”


  1. …. and what kind of peplum for waist as large as the hips… and with 35 kg’s more …
    😉 v_v .. hahaa ! ( kidding )

    Fashions changes, body-shapes changes, ( no problem, that’s nature ! )
    so take advance of your yought and make the most of Life : be happy !

    Liked by 1 person

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