Being Too Nice Can Lead to Depression

Speech is silver; and silence is golden very rightly said. But have you ever realised that being too nice and too caring to others can lead to depression. We humans are caught in between reality and illusion. Speaking in such a way to avoid causing offence can be worth rather than even expressive words. However if people don’t want to understand you, they will only listen to you and not hear to understand your point of view towards a situation. So to overcome such situation that leads to depression you must stop the habit of molding over just to be in the good books of people’s want.

People who are often been taken for granted become depress and try to please people. But the irony of life is that their action and behavior are observed by others as egoistic, selfish and lickers to gain attention. And the fact is that they make you realise you are bad, and you start believing that you’re self involved. Other’s point of view towards yourself becomes more important as compared to what you think about yourself.  After few brain seizures and deep thought you realize that your personality was ruptured and your attitude had changed totally. You weren’t yourself. You weren’t who you are. You are a “slave” to those who were willing to have you in their life. The fear of what will the crowd think about you led others to benefit from it more than you did. A constant hammering by your sub-conscious mind to put others before your own self just to make them feel good, and then at the end how little reward do you get. How depressing and exhausting that could be to your mind. Consciously, or subconsciously, your already low self-esteem gets reinforced and you get more depressed hampering your health, personal life and professional life, thinking that there is no future.

Well life is not always perfect, like the road has many ups and down, but that is its beauty. Similarly this is not the end of your life, surely you’ll have a bright and better things in the potluck. You teach people how to treat you” but you’ve ignored it so far if they have not made an attempt. Maybe because when you did try to speak up for yourself it always seemed to have been back fired. If you have made an attempt to stand for yourself to speak, people might have labelled you as too aggressive and un-mannered. Just don’t care a damn about what others think of you, when you know what needs to be done next. You are the boss of your life and only your own opinion should matter to you. Remember if you care too much, others will care too less… if you’re always there for them, they will always be busy for you without even being sorry for not being there. So now you can picture them as to how much they value you. Be courageous to do right for yourself. Accompany yourself even if you’re left alone. Be selfish and love yourself. You’ve done lot for others, now do for yourself. Value yourself and then others will value you if they want you in their life or else they will leave you. Reject the wrongdoing. Let go off it completely. It’s time to release the pain and live for yourself.

Being Too Nice Can Contribute to Depression


  1. I’m intrigued by your quote: “Accompany yourself even if you’re left alone.”. What a great expression! I am learning that the value placed on my by God, the redemptive price He paid, is the supreme validation of worth. I must start from there, always. The things you mention are still a struggle for me, but I continue to advance. Thank you for the reminder!

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