Sue, the famous T. rex sponsored by Mc Donald’s

Darwin on the rocks and around the world

Last time I was talking about Chicago, I was telling you about my favorite skyscrapers and how this Architecture tour recommended by a blind guy was fabulous (for those who’ve missed the story : here). Another famous Chicago Landmark is the “bean“, located in the very iconic Millenium Park, originally created to celebrate the millennium (but it never did, since it opened a few years behind schedule haha !).

The bean is actually a nickname, since the real name of this sculpture is the Cloud Gate (I much prefer saying the bean though :D). The sculpture is made up of stainless steel plates welded together, with no visible seams. It is so shiny and polished that you can see yourself in it like in a mirror.

I wish we had taken cooler pictures than this.. oh well. Not so long ago, I’ve seen a wonderful picture of the bean on…

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