Random Act Of Kindness

Most of us show sympathy towards begging children by giving them penny. But have you ever thought does that make them happy. No it does not, as that money is been taken by their parents. Instead give them something to eat. These kids are looking for empathy and not sympathy. Empathy is important for our lives and well-being. We don’t have to feel pity for these kids misfortune; rather we should understand and share the feelings to make them feel good and light hearten.

I was travelling in an express train in an AC compartment, in some stop a little girl came to my window asking for food. The girl looked very jolly. We were talking in sign language as it was glass window. I told her how shall I pass on the food to you there’s a glass here so she told me come the door, I replied because of pantry the door can’t be opened. So then she told me come the other end. So I thought of passing her a frooti so went towards the door and she was right near the door waiting for me. As I gave the mango drink the curve of her lips were end to end. I felt so happy and good. When I was walking back to my seat she was waving to me from all the windows that she could see me through.

So by this what I understand is the simplest and the most valuable thing you can give to a child is your precious time and food. Usually people speak to them badly. Is it their fault that they are begging? The problem of street children is dependent on their situation and not on their status. In order to better understand children living and growing up on the streets, it is essential to empathise. Help these kids know that we are there to care for them, support them and do the best we can do for them.

Even a simple Frooti can make a day for begging kid…
Keep winning hearts they require you.
Random act of kindness

Someday these under privileged kids will also find their Glory Of The Stars

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