5 Places I would love to revisit

Darwin on the rocks and around the world

A very long time ago, Two Brown Feet challenged me to talk about 5 places I would love to revisit. It took time for me to write that post, but here it is ! I think it’s an interesting topic. We are always hesitating between visiting a place we’ve already been to and discovering a new area. It’s very tempting to go back, and explore more and do everything we’ve missed during the previous trip. I’ve already been to Iceland twice, and I would lie saying I won’t love to revisit again… but beside the obvious Iceland, what are the other places I would love to revisit ? 5 places I would love to revisit

#1 León Dormido, San Cristóbal, Galapagos islands

León Dormido, also known as “KickerRock”, is a popular place for snorkeling or diving when you are visiting the Galapagos. It is an old lava cone that is now split in two. On the surface, it’s home to sea lions and…

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  1. I’ll come with you … 😉 … I’ve other places I liked to re-visit… in The Philipines ( that’s possible once and a while thanks my son ), a little bit closer places in Europe … in Holland , in France, in Austria etc etc…. But of were I allready was, I have the nice memories in my head, so I can ‘ travel ‘ as I want by mind … 😉 ! Have a nice day / hanny

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